Monday, 4 August 2014

In a Vase on Monday - Oranges and Lemons

Evening Everyone,

I hope you have all had a great day. Our day hasn't been so good. We had to take a trip to the other side of Glasgow, an area we are not familiar with, so we decided to use the Sat Nav. Well, the journey to our destination was just fine but the return journey ... what a disaster! She, yes the Sat Nav is a she, took us all round the houses, we got lost a couple of times, had to double back, and if I never see another roundabout again I will be more than happy! So to cheer myself up this evening I picked this bright and sunny posy and, as has become my weekly habit, I am joining Cathy in Rambling in the Garden for her meme, In a Vase on Monday.

That's almost the last of the nasturtiums, pinched from the EM's front border, and pot marigolds (calendula) grown in my herb bed. Wandering round the garden looking for more oranges and lemons I spotted the tiny yellow flowers of Lismachia 'Firecracker'. This plant is growing in the wrong place, the red/pink end of the long border, and will have to be moved to the yellow/blue end once flowering is over. At the back of the posy is my one and only tickseed flower, Coreopsis Early Sunrise. It did well to survive the devastation wrought by the army of slugs and snails that marched on the cold frame earlier in the year. And there's more yellow from a couple of sprigs of fennel, definitely not grown for it's culinary virtues - I hate the taste but love the look of it in a vase

Clematis, 'Niobe', with it's profusion of claret red flowers, caught my eye during my Saturday Saunter and today I couldn't resist snipping three and popping them in the vase. They clash a bit with the orange and lemon but I'm okay with that. The final touch was to add a couple of little sprays of Thalictrum 'Splendide'. It's going over now so best to cut while I can.

The jug is a souvenir we brought back from a little local pottery we discovered in Positano, on the Amalfi coast of Italy, sixteen or so years ago. It's a bit chipped now but, because using it always brings back wonderful memories of trees laden with huge, thick skinned lemons, that tasted sweeter than any we can buy in the shops here in Scotland, I keep it. The shots were taken on our very new dining table ... the reason for the disastrous journey today! Seeing it look so beautiful in the early evening light makes it worth all that trouble :)

Hope you enjoyed my vase of oranges and lemons.

Have a good day tomorrow.


  1. I was 'organising' all my older vase photos yesterday and the bright ones i have posted earlier took me by surprise as so many of the recent ones have been pastel shades - your little posy also reminds me just how striking a vase is with these colours. You have used such a varied selection too - and I had to laugh when you talked about your firecracker being in the 'wrong' place. I am glad it's not just me who has right and wrong places! My nasturtiums have been a disappointement this year and I don't think any of my calendula from last year self seeded as I hoped they would :( so it is good to see yours. The clematis is an inspired addition, Elizabeth

  2. Oh what a lovely, happy selection of flowers Elizabeth! Your garden is certainly going great guns!

    Hugs, Di xx

  3. Hi Elizabeth what gorgeous flowers, and vase, the colours are wonderful and such a wonderful mixture, Kate x

  4. A beautiful color of flowers Elizabeth. Very Fall looking. The lemon vase is very pretty.
    Happy Gardening.

  5. So beautiful and colourful Elizabeth x

  6. So pretty stunning colours love and hugs Carole x

  7. What a fun brightly coloured vase today. I envy you the Niobe and like you I like the clash, it brings it all together somehow.

  8. I'm very fond of pink & orange together (the only way I can usually even tolerate pink) so it doesn't seem to me to clash at all. Cheery indeed.


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