Wednesday 26 April 2023

What's (Not) On My Desk Wednesday - Week 725

Hello Everyone,

I've as good as missed Julia's WOYWW this week, just as I have for the last goodness knows how many weeks. Truth is I've hit a crafting low and I'd say there's no hope of it improving any time soon. After almost three years of caring for my disabled hubby things haven't improved for him, in fact, if anything, they've got worse, and I'm just about coping with all the demands of the job. A job that I was clearly unprepared, and sadly unqualified, for, that is as a full-time carer.

So for the foreseeable future I've decided that rather than leave this blog empty and unloved I'd use it to record life as it is for me now with all it's ups and maybe a few of the downs. That being the case I'd completely understand if you skipped reading further and ignored my blog until I get back to crafting again.

Now the challenges and issues we face daily are such a contrast from the seemingly charmed life Alan and I had for 26 years. For those years I'm so grateful - the memories keep me/us going through the tough times. 
One thing I've been encouraged to do recently is to walk. Ideally a daily walk but I've yet to manage that. Happily there's lots to see in and around the town I now live in. Like the Marina pictured above.
There's the North Beach and ,,,
the South Beach.
A recent happy discovery is this Italian cafe close to home which we can both visit on days when Alan feels up to trips out on his trusty mobility scooter.
And from his point of view the real bonus is there's an old-fashioned sweet shop inside the cafe. He will never have to go short of the lemon sherbet sweets he loves so much. 

As for the downs, Alan has more bad days than good. I've had to call out an ambulance, during the night, twice in the last few weeks. I can't thank our local ambulance service enough. They are amazing.

It is what it is.
I'll leave you with this shot of Silver. She really knows how to relax. 

Bye for now