Wednesday 15 September 2021

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 641

 Hello Everyone,

Goodness, here I am actually in my craftroom for Julia's WOYWW and mid-project too. It's a miracle! 

But before I show my desk here's an update on Alan and how he's been doing since his fall last week. You might have heard that the ambulance service is under pressure here in the UK so it will be no surprise to hear that the paramedics didn't arrive until 9pm, full of apologies for the delay. They quickly examined Alan, dressed his wounds, and decided that there was nothing to be gained from taking him to A&E. (That, it turns out, was the right decision as there was a total of nine ambulances queuing up outside the A&E waiting to have their patients admitted.) Today, Alan is very much on the mend. He's been seen by the district nurse, had his dressings changed and she will be back to check on him regularly until the wounds have healed. I've left him making up a station for his model railway. It's his 83rd birthday tomorrow. 

And now the desk. No papercrafting but sewing going on this week. I've decided it's time for a change of cushion (pillow) covers now that it's feeling distinctly autumnal. I've had those tweed/wool scraps in my fabric stash for several years with no real idea of what I'd make with them ... maybe a bag or something similar. There's a very nice remnant of tweed, price £4.50, that will make a lovely border and backing for the cover. I should have it finished to show next week. 

The little box top left of the photo contains a wee sewing accoutrement I treated myself too. It's an origami triangle needle case made by Rachael of SewRayMe. Rachael's YouTube videos helped me through the dark days of Covid and it's aftermath when I didn't have the energy to do much of anything at all. And when she showed this little needlecase last week it intrigued me enough to want to add it to my sewing box. 

Here's what it looks like when opened out.
It's also the perfect size to pop into a handbag. Must find some pins and needles to put inside.

I also treated myself ... it's been that kind of week ... to this book.
Another from Debbie Shore - Sew Eco-Friendly. I'm thinking of Christmas ... that dreaded word already ... presents for the girls in the family, and what better than to make items that are not only pretty but useful and help the planet too. This book is full of lovely projects that are easy and quick to make from toweling and old t-shirts, not to mention some of the pretty fabric I've been hoarding forever.

And now it's the kitten bit.  I recently bought her a cat tree but as you can see she has grown and now has to curl herself into a ball to fit on the top platform. 
Not that she seems to mind. She sleeps there quite soundly for hours on end.

Which leads quite nicely to the funny for the week.
Yes, Silver never misses an opportunity to climb into a box. 

Before I go, an update on how young Alun is doing in the new job. It's early days but he seems to be enjoying the work, and getting to know his new workmates just fine. They sound like a good bunch that enjoy a bit of a joke and chat with him and he's coming home full of stories from the workplace. 

Have a good week everyone and stay safe. 

Bye for now,

Wednesday 8 September 2021

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 640

Afternoon Everyone,

Today began with me having the best of intentions to write up this for WOYWW and have it posted early, just for a change. All looked hopeful too.  I was up early to make sure our grandson was also up, fed and watered to be off out early to attend a job interview at 9am. I thought, once he'd gone, I'd be able to get down to writing  I figured without Murphy's Law stepping in to intervene. 

Just after breakfast disaster struck. Alan had a fall. He's now covered in scrapes and bruises. We're now waiting for a paramedic to arrive. There's a long wait; the ambulance service is busy.  

So, as I'm nowhere near the craftroom, no desk shot to show you. Instead, here's a pic of the stamp organisation.

There's still more stamps to file but I've run out of boxes for now. I've introduced colour coding to help with identifying the categories, e. red = Christmas, yellow = spring, etc. Seems I have a lot of Christmas themed stamps. 
Another urgent job done. Ripe fruit waits for no one. The blackberries are the happy result of garden neglect. As we've been unable to tend to cutting back, the brambles have just kept growing and fruiting. I've made a few apple and blackberry crumbles for dessert with this unexpected bounty.

And that's all I have to show - not much at all really - but here's the now obligatory kitty pic. 
She has her very own penthouse suite and she loves perching there, just watching what the crazy humans get up to. 

Update as of 2.55pm. Someone from the Ambulance Service rang to apologise for the delay, asked after Alan and how he was now. No change. Then advised me to ring 999 if he got worse. So we are still waiting.

Further update: our grandson got the job. He's cock-a-hoop! Starts on Monday.

I will try my best to visit you all and leave a comment. Needless to say, that's dependent on events. 

Take care and stay safe.