Monday 31 October 2022

Celebrating Halloween

Hello everyone,

Hope you're having a great Halloween, however you are spending it. 

That's my middle grandson, Joshua, looking his worst and ready to party. 

Halloween is not big around here but my grandchildren and great-grandchildren have always enjoyed getting dressed up and into character and I always enjoy seeing the photos that are posted. 

Even the youngest, Freddie, has made the cutest pumpkin and is totally unfazed by the evil ghosts. 

Even the great-grandogs got in on the celebrations! 

So, once again, have a great night everyone. 

Watch out for the ghosts and zombies!


Saturday 29 October 2022

Saturday Update

Hello there,

Yesterday I ignored the gazillion boxes waiting to be unpacked and walked down to the seafront near my new home. 

There was a yellow warning forecasting this choppy sea but I really enjoyed the wildness. It blew the cobwebs away. 

Today I posted the first layout made on the little temporary scrapping table. 

It's a record of the white cosmos I raised from seed a few years ago. My new garden doesn't require the same attention as the last - there's a lot of grass, an old privet hedge and the pots we brought with us - but I think I might fill a pot with white cosmos next year because they are perfect for cutting and arranging in a vase. 

And that's all for today. Short and sweet. 

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. 

Take care everyone,


Wednesday 26 October 2022


 Hello Everyone,

Yeah! I'm scrapping again so time I got blogging again too. And where better to start than with this week's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday ... a bit late but hopefully better than not at all. 

The desk is a temporary fold up affair, bought cheaply from Amazon, but better than nothing. I've been so missing playing with pretty papers but the last, goodness knows how many, weeks have been utterly chaotic. Making the decision to not only move house but to downsize too was a traumatic one but we did it! We're in our new home, a two bed ground floor flat in the seaside town of Ardrossan. Just! 

There's still what seems a neverending number of boxes to unpack. It's a case of so much stuff and so little space. Before moving we gave away a ton of stuff, loads of crafting stash going to a good cause, but, no surprise, we're still having to decide what to keep and what to lose. 

So, no surprise, I won't be in my new craftroom any time soon but I'm determined to factor in more scrapping and blogging time again and to get back to some kind of normal. 

We are still to be connected to the Sky internet - we have a fault in the line - thanks Openreach for choosing now to go on strike - so I'm relying on BT at the moment. Despite that, I hope to read all your posts and leave messages where and when I am able. 

In the meantime take care everyone and have a fabulous week.