Wednesday 21 October 2020

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 594

 Hello Everyone

Welcome back to my blog.It's been a while. Again. I try to write at least the one post a week, on Wednesday, joining in with all the wonderful deskers for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, hosted by our fabulous Julia over on the Stamping Ground. I try, but more recently it's been a struggle. For the moment. Things will improve - eventually. In the meantime, here's what's on my desk today.

I'm debating on how best to use this lovely piece of paper. That flower is just too lovely to cover up. The other bits and pieces may, more likely may not, be used on the next scrapbook page I put together. And that brings me to a problem that has been exercising the old grey matter this week. It's embellishments. They are taking over this craft room. In short, I have too many.
On this tray is just a small sampling. They're sort of sorted into colours - it's a bit hit and miss but it does make selecting those most suitable for a layout easier. It's clear that I have to admit to having far too many. I should stop buying, no matter how tempting. 
And perhaps that should apply to papers too. A few years ago I sorted my papers into colours too but that has proved to be less than satisfactory; especially when making up my homemade kits. The problem is that most are double sided and the main colour on each side can be quite different. More sorting's been done. A much more simplified system this time. All I've done this time is split the sheets into those patterns I consider suitable for using as the layout base and the rest. And it's down to Annie's Crafty Bear to keep the stack in order!

I don't have anything more to add really, no funny, no book - though I've just started listening to Richard Osman's 'Thursday Murder Club' - instead, given that it's October and Halloween is fast approaching, here's my 'and finally' ...

This is Mylo, the most adorable little pumpkin and the latest puppy to join our extended family. He's been adopted into the eldest of our grandson's family. Sadly, the latest restrictions have prevented us from meeting him yet but I can't wait to cuddle him.

Have a great WOYWW and a good week, whatever the restrictions in your part of the world. 

Wednesday 7 October 2020

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 592

 Hello Everyone,

Wednesday afternoon - again!  And another chance to snoop around all your crafty desks/tables/floors with the help of Julia, our revered Head Desker, on What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday over on the Stamping Ground. 

On my desk today. The photo was actually taken on Tuesday afternoon. You can see the sunlight was bright, so much so I had to lower the window blind. Such a shame because sunshine has been scarce recently around this little corner of Scotland. There's a latte, there has to be a latte. It's my current favourite tipple. And it's only another partly done scrapbook on the desk. It's for a little private challenge I'm participating in. The background is a messy inky one using the packaging technique and yellow liquid watercolour (a Pinkfresh product). The stamp set on the left is Artisan Textures (from Stampin' Up) waiting to be used on the background too. 

As if by magic, here's the finished page.

Have I mentioned my love of latte? This page makes me happy. The colours, especially that yellow, are so cheerful. Yellow has, up till now, been my least favourite colour. Certainly one I'd never wear! But it's now a colour I use often in scrapbook pages. I can only put it down to all the bad stuff we've been through this summer. The brightness of yellow lifts the spirits. 

And finally:

I can't argue with that!

That's all for now.