Wednesday 17 May 2023

WOYWW - Week 728 - The 14th Anniversary One

Hello Everyone

It's such a special week for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, the brainchild of of our Head Desker, Julia. I imagine when she posted the first WOYWW fourteen years she didn't foresee just how popular we would find the opportunity to be nosy and enjoy taking a peek at each others desks. But the fun hasn't stopped there - there's been the almost yearly crops where many of us got to actually meet other WOYWWers in person. 

ATCs received from Wipso, Twiglet & LLJ today.

And there's the friendships made that have perhaps been unexpected but very much appreciated! Friends like the three lovely ladies who made and sent their fabulous 14th Anniversary ATCs pictured above - including me in the celebrations despite knowing that I'm not able to reciprocate this year. 

I've peeked at Julia's post today and she puts into words the value of WOYWW so much better than I am able, especially for those of us who, like me, can only participate occasionally at the moment.

There's been no scrapping again this week. Mainly because I had to clear the decks to enable an electrician access to my room. He has put a source of power in Alan's scooter hut so the battery can be charged in situ and that necessitated boring a hole through the wall of the house into the wall of the hut. That battery weighs a ton so I'm glad I don't have to bring it into the house to be charged now! 

Instead of scrapping I've taken up crochet again. I've realised that, as I was spending a lot of time sitting and chatting with Alan, I could be exercising my arthritic hands at the same time. It's just a big granny square like the one below. 

Nothing complicated and no deadline either. 

Here's the Silver pic of the week. 
Not napping this time but chasing a red light, her new favourite game. 

And finally a photo from the Saltcoats, the neighbouring town to Ardrossan. 
That's my SIL 'walking on water'! There's an old neglected swimming pool, the wall of which makes for fun photos when the tide is in. 

I planned a much shorter post to mark What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday's fourteenth anniversary but got a bit carried away. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I hope you all have a fabulous day/week celebrating. 

Hugs to you all,

Wednesday 10 May 2023

What's On Your Workdesk - Week 727

Hello Everyone,

Goodness! I'm here for another WOYWW, hosted as ever by our wonderful Head Desker, Julia over on her blog, the Stamping Ground. And it's lovely to be able to join in again so soon after the last time a couple of weeks ago.

Many thanks to all who commented on my last WOYWW post - I can't begin to tell you how much your comment help me feel as though I still belong, in a very small way, to this wonderful crafting community.

Apologies to those of you I didn't leave a comment. Life just got in the way but I won't bore you with the gory details. 

Happily, I do have something on my desk today. 
Not, as you might hope, anything scrappy or crafty related but something I am hoping to work on over the summer months, when time permits. I love primula auriculas and did have several in my last garden. I only managed to bring these two with me. 

Lovely, aren't they?

I didn't envisage how much I'd miss them so I'm going to attempt to grow some from seed. Hopefully, the Wisely Handbook will help me succeed. Wish me luck!
Silver, as ever, finds the most comfortable spot to snooze in, this time she's as snug as a bug on a blanket crocheted by my late mum. 

To bring you up to date on what's going on with hubby. Today we ordered a wheelchair - the kind that folds up for traveling. He already has a walker which is great for him getting about the flat but not so good for getting around hospitals and supermarkets, etc. The wheelchair should make it possible for him to get out and about a bit more. 

I'm off, with my daughter, to get my hair done later today and not before time! As usual I will do my best to visit and comment on your posts but just in case I don't have a wonderful week everyone. 

Bye for now,

Monday 1 May 2023

In a Vase on May Day Monday

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you've all had a lovely May Day. It's been beautiful here. So nice in fact it got me out into the garden to see what, if anything, is in flower. 

Not a lot but enough to display in a tiny jug. It's been many a month since I last participated in Kathy's meme, In A Vase On Monday, but for good reason. We moved house in October last year and the garden has been very low on my list of priorities. 

I was prompted by the image on the front of my May issue of The Simple Things to create this layout of my finds. I believe this is what is called a flatlay by those in the know. 

I hope to be able to contribute more often but that's rather dependent on what, if any, other plants are hiding in our very neglected garden, or in the few pots brought with us.  

There's weeds and where there are weeds there's hope!

Until next time,