Wednesday 31 August 2016

WOYWW 378 - Blog Break Over

Hello Everyone,

I'm back! After a very extended blog break and raring to go too.

I've not been entirely idle over the last couple of months, just not as productive as you busy people! What follows is by way of an update - if I can remember how to upload photos, etc., - I'm feeling kinda rusty!

Some pottering around, sorting out and tidying of the craft room has been going on and because of that my desk doesn't look too bad today.
Quite clean and tidy really!

As I said already I haven't been entirely idle. I've managed to complete a few small projects. Here's a wee round-up.
I finally finished this embroidered lavender panel and decided to use it to make a cushion cover for my sister's birthday in July. My late mother crocheted the trim and I've been treasuring it for years. However, it made the perfect finishing touch for this project.

I also managed to finish this giant granny square in time for my niece's birthday last week - it's a combination of all her favourite colours. It's the second I've made but I'm moving on and have started crocheting hexagons to make a multi-coloured throw.

The EM and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in July so to mark the occasion I made up this small photo album covering our 20 plus years together.
There are way too many pages to show here but here's a wee selection to give an idea of the contents.

And that is the sum total of my summer crafting - not a lot to show for so many weeks off. I've really been taking things easy but, on looking back, it's been an eventful time. Two dear friends got married in Gibraltar in June so there was a their wedding party to go to when they returned. Then there was our great-grandson's first birthday party/barbecue. We've also been away on a couple of short trips, one to Northumberland and the other to the Lake District - both thoroughly enjoyable. Even the weather was kind to us. Finally, my baby sister, she's 10 years younger than me, came up from London on a week's visit. All-in-all, it's been a great summer for us and hopefully it's not quite over yet.

I hope you've all had a lovely summer too, even if the weather hasn't always been all that lovely. I'm off now to check out as many desks as I can before dinner. It could take me the entire week to get around to see all your desks so please bear with!

Take care everyone and have a great week ahead.