Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WOYWW - Week 142 - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

Morning All,

 ... a messy but productive desk to share today.

Yes, my get up and go has returned and, as you can see, I started making a floral card last night. All the items I've been using are out on view still:  paper pad, ink pads, box of ProMarkers, stamp, box of various other pens (glue, gold and white pens, etc.), gilding flakes & glitter tray, and, of course, my little box which holds vital tools of the trade. It can't be seen in the photograph, but I've drawn with a quickie glue pen around the flowers and birdcage in strategic places with the intention of adding some gilding flakes - I think it needs a touch of gold. Making an appearance at the back are the items that are permanent - if you are a regular visitor you will have seen them before. For newcomers, the chicken/chook cupboard houses ink pads.

Because my mojo had taken off, I've spent the last few days putting the craft space to rights ... it's surprising how out of control and disorganised it can get in a very short time ... and I hate crafting in a guddle. The new boxes from B&Q are now, in a very organised way, full of the stuff I'd shoved up on the shelf above the work area ... so much tidier. The EM has made very comprehensive labels for the boxes too, so I can see at a glance what is in each one. The card blank and envelope drawer has been straightened out and I feel much happier about the state of the craft space in general. Now it's full systems go and I hope to be/should be more productive in the coming week :))

On a miserable day like today - we've had torrential rain during the night and it's still vile out this morning - what more cheery sight than these bright yellow crocus. The EM and I have taken to going out for a half our walk every day, weather permitting ... we won't be going out today! ... and I spotted quite a few patches of colour in the gardens around the area yesterday. Here's some pretty pink lungwort (Pulmonaria) spotted in a border.

Before I sign off and go snooping visiting you all ... that will be over at Julia's, Head Desk Monitor, place, Stamping Ground - click the link join in the fun ... I'd like to welcome my newest follower, Elaine ... hope you enjoy reading this blog and will continue to do so. I'll be back later to show you the finished card.

Wishing you all well and enjoying WOYWW.

Happy Crafting,


  1. Good morning Elizabeth - I see you've sneaked in just ahead of me today! I love your little Chook cupboard, glad you've been creating and stamping is such fun. Enjoy this week's WOYWW snoop around the world. Take care Zo xx 83

  2. Glad you were able to get organised , isn't it so much easier.
    How lucky are you to have such lovely flowers in your garden Elizabeth.
    Thank you for my mention on your blog this morning. I certainly will enjoy following you.
    Hugs Elaine

  3. Morning Elizabeth, a tidy but creative desk I spy this week! I love the look of the cards you are working on and the Spring flower photos are beautiful. It is so nice to see some colour in the gardens again after the cold winter, plus I have noticed how the evenings are beginning to become lighter for longer now which I love, as I do like the longer days :)

    Take care, have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  4. Love your little cupboard with the hens on and the bulbs are coming up a treat!
    xx 101

  5. Elizabeth this is not a 'messy' desk it is a gorgeous productive desk

  6. Lovely to see some colour at this time of year isn't it?
    I am desperately trying to catch up with last week so I am not posting this week. I also have two projects on the go which are not for public viewing - yet!
    Will call by later to see your snippets!

  7. That’s such a pretty stamp you’ve used Elizabeth, it’s really delicute. I love the colouring in pastle shades and I think the bird cage will really benefit from a little gilding.

    Happy Crafting!


  8. I'm so glad your get up and go has returned, Elizabeth, it's certainly good crafting weather today isn't it?
    It always makes me smile that you keep tidying your space. I could really do with your organisational skills in my room!!
    The Spring flowers are so cheerful aren't they. I noticed we have some of the little blue early irises out this morning.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax

  9. When I lose my mojo, I clean and organize. It always helps me. I hope it helped you.

    I can't believe you already have FLOWERS blooming in your garden. What a lovely sight.

  10. Oh Elizabeth, I got so excited seeing those lovely flowers, I forgot to mention I am #9 this week.

  11. Lovely cards Elizabeth and I'm glad you are back in the zone! I must admit I've never ever been in a guddle... lovely word! So descriptive too. Thanks for your visit,
    Love JoZarty x

  12. I think your desk looks remarkably tidy, unlike mine and many others. The flowers are simply gorgeous. Regards, Anne Rx #100

  13. You desk is full of lovely stuff and your flower photo's are gorgeous xx

  14. Miserable day here Elizabeth so your lovely crocus have cheered me up. Love the papers you have used and very pretty cards on your desk. Thanks for popping in on me but did you notice I have blog candy as well?
    Ann B

  15. That's exactly what i do - if my mojo's gone, i tidy my craft space!Love your chook cupboard!Your flower pics are gorgeous, lovely to see on these dark, dreary days!I'm your newest follower, too!
    Jo x

  16. your desk is very organised and looking ready for action for your card,x

  17. Great space and love the flowers. :)

    Thank you for sharing and visiting my blog. :)

  18. Beautiful card Elizabeth, so delicate just lovely, It's just amazing that we have snow, frost, heavy rain yet nature wins in the end, such beautiful flowers, Have a lovely week, Hugs May x x x

  19. Thanks for the peek around the gardens, those crocus really seem to be heralding Spring.
    Love the look of those cards on your table, can we have a closer peek some time - please.
    Thanks for sharing and for commenting on my blog - I am a bit late this week as I only did the middle column this afternoon and then got side-tracked.- Hugs, Neet 33 xx

  20. looking very organised, i love to be messy in an organised way... if you know what i mean.
    the chicken cupboard is very cute
    janet #8

  21. Its wonderful to see the first signs of Spring isn't it? I saw the daffs out just before Christmas and then they all went and now I'm starting to see them again - hurrah! I hope the Spring brings your mojo back.

  22. I often find that giving things a good tidy brings back the mojo. It turns out I have an infection (that's what ate my mojo!) That's great that you have everything sorted away nice and labeled! I do love me a good label, even if it's outdated. My little drawer labeled "little bits of ribbon" has had cat eye inkpads in it for eons, but I know that "little bits of ribbon" is code for "cat eye inkpads." Yeah, don't ask me the logic in it!!! Happy WOYWW!

  23. Considering how much further north you are, your flowers are well ahead of our - maybe something to do with the Gulf Stream I am sure that your mojo will be frantic to get going before you finish your clearing out. At least, I now know exactly where my steel edged rulers and my heat guns are, not to mention the three lost scalpels that have no turned up. Thanks for popping over to visit today. have a good week. xx Maggie #11

  24. Those two images have a sort of soft, pretty look to them. \nice job.

    \your flowers are gorgeous. Blooms in the early, early spring always lift my spirits.

  25. Enjoyed my visit and I love how that card turned out. TFS

  26. How lovely to be organised - I'm ready for that too. Can't work in a mess and right now can feel myself working into a corner that gets smaller and smaller!

    Lovely to see Spring flowers too. Ooer, we had Paupers Pie again last night - it's a firm favourite here now.

    Di xx

  27. Greetings Elizabeth. Glad to hear your inspiration has returned. I think tidying is a good warm-up for action as well as getting organised. Your card is pretty in the pastel colours. I'm sure the spring flowers are welcome signals of Spring. Here we're beginning to find the mornings are cool-ish, a sure sign of Autumn.
    Ros (103)

  28. Ha, I thought that was a tub of cereal, but it must be your gilding flakes, lol!! Lovely organised desk to share this week, and how pretty are those spring flowers - at last!!

  29. Such beautiful flowers peeking out of the ground. That card looks quite special.

  30. A little late visiting.. Spring is near!!!!!!!love the flowers

  31. We've been having some real spring sun! I also refrained from the QVC temptation and just enjoyed a free Tim demo! Just been to look at all your lovely cards - they are beauties! Thanks for letting us look in, enjoy WOYWW and your week, Sarah at 16.

  32. Hi there Elizabeth, thanks so much for popping over, and for sharing. Lovely desk and posts above and below. You certainly have been very busy some amazing cards there! I am feeling quite envious with your inspiring tidy space..Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #27

  33. Gorgeous flowers, and a very nice workspace with crafting going on. Joynana #170

    I have blog candy if you would like to join in...


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