Monday 1 May 2023

In a Vase on May Day Monday

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you've all had a lovely May Day. It's been beautiful here. So nice in fact it got me out into the garden to see what, if anything, is in flower. 

Not a lot but enough to display in a tiny jug. It's been many a month since I last participated in Kathy's meme, In A Vase On Monday, but for good reason. We moved house in October last year and the garden has been very low on my list of priorities. 

I was prompted by the image on the front of my May issue of The Simple Things to create this layout of my finds. I believe this is what is called a flatlay by those in the know. 

I hope to be able to contribute more often but that's rather dependent on what, if any, other plants are hiding in our very neglected garden, or in the few pots brought with us.  

There's weeds and where there are weeds there's hope!

Until next time,


Kris Peterson said...

That's a lovely way to display your pretty blooms, Elizabeth. I expect they appreciated placement in a vase, though. I hope your move went smoothly.

Amy@SmallSunnyGarden said...

I love your flatlay, Elizabeth, and there's something so cheering about bluebells of every sort.
I too have had to start new with a garden in these last two years. It was so discouraging at first--mostly just bare earth, except where it was brown weeds. But new plants bring new hope. I hope yours will soon bring you many happy days.

Donna said...

A perfect vase to return the flat layout!

Cathy said...

Your teeny vase and flat lay are good examples of how the simplest of floral displays can bring just as much pleasure as anything more elaborate. I hope there will be lots of lovely new discoveries for you to find in your garden as the year progresses! ps it's Cathy with a C!! 😉