Wednesday 26 April 2023

What's (Not) On My Desk Wednesday - Week 725

Hello Everyone,

I've as good as missed Julia's WOYWW this week, just as I have for the last goodness knows how many weeks. Truth is I've hit a crafting low and I'd say there's no hope of it improving any time soon. After almost three years of caring for my disabled hubby things haven't improved for him, in fact, if anything, they've got worse, and I'm just about coping with all the demands of the job. A job that I was clearly unprepared, and sadly unqualified, for, that is as a full-time carer.

So for the foreseeable future I've decided that rather than leave this blog empty and unloved I'd use it to record life as it is for me now with all it's ups and maybe a few of the downs. That being the case I'd completely understand if you skipped reading further and ignored my blog until I get back to crafting again.

Now the challenges and issues we face daily are such a contrast from the seemingly charmed life Alan and I had for 26 years. For those years I'm so grateful - the memories keep me/us going through the tough times. 
One thing I've been encouraged to do recently is to walk. Ideally a daily walk but I've yet to manage that. Happily there's lots to see in and around the town I now live in. Like the Marina pictured above.
There's the North Beach and ,,,
the South Beach.
A recent happy discovery is this Italian cafe close to home which we can both visit on days when Alan feels up to trips out on his trusty mobility scooter.
And from his point of view the real bonus is there's an old-fashioned sweet shop inside the cafe. He will never have to go short of the lemon sherbet sweets he loves so much. 

As for the downs, Alan has more bad days than good. I've had to call out an ambulance, during the night, twice in the last few weeks. I can't thank our local ambulance service enough. They are amazing.

It is what it is.
I'll leave you with this shot of Silver. She really knows how to relax. 

Bye for now



Helen said...

Hi Elizabeth, it is good to see you, even if to see what a hard time you are both having at present. I am so sorry that Alan is struggling so much, and you too with caring for him. Sending you both much love for the times ahead and the strength to keep on caring. At least you have some beautiful places to walk when you can. Take care. Helen #2

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, it's so hard. We've been looking after my parents until dad died of covid and then got some carers in to help look after mum but it got too much and we have now got her in a care home and she really likes it. I have had so many friends who have tried to look after relatives like this and realised that they need more help for all kinds of reasons. The time will come when you must get help as you cannot look after hubby if you make yourself ill. Take care and hope to see you around again soon. Hugs Angela x8x

Mrs A. said...

I am sorry to hear of Alan's health issues and how it has impacted on both of your lives. Its good that you still want to keep a presence on your blog. They are not all just about crafting. Hope you will find time to share with us when you can. We are here. Hugs Mrs A.

Robyn said...

grateful you are posting to let us know how life is fairing for you. Your life is your art- as is caring for loved ones. Hoping you in healing light for what ever comes your way.
Robyn 25

LesleyG said...

Oh Elizabeth I’m so glad you’ve shared with us, I’ve missed your posts, so do carry on, as and when you can. Life is certainly full of ups and downs, it’s so important you have some time for yourself, so take whatever help you can to make that possible. It looks beautiful where you live. We’ve had a trip to Scotland, leaving Glen Nevis today to make our way home to Kent. Stunning scenery and such lovely people! I hope you get some time to craft, or do what makes you happy, and take care xxx

Sarah Brennan said...

It's so good to see you here Elizabeth and keeping us updated on Alan and how things are. SO sorry that there has been no improvemnt and that he has so many bad days. Please check what services there are for supporting full time carers as you need to care for yourself too. Meow to SIlver. Gentle hugs. Sarah #4

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It was so lovely to see your name on the list Elizabeth and I’m glad you’re sharing your situation as well because we can all empathise with you. It must be tough for Alan but especially for you having to do the caring and deal with all that goes with it, I hope you’re managing to get some respite too because we don’t want you going bang either. Hugs to you both xx. I love where you’re now living, it reminds me very much of where we are now! Getting out into the fresh air is a real tonic when things seem overwhelming xxxx
Sending you al my love,
Jan xx
PS Would it be possible to have your new address, I’d be grateful if you could email it xx

Annie said...

Hi Ellie. I've only just managed to get to read your post as we have been rather busy with Grandparent duties [Louie has just gone home]. Really sorry to hear things are even more difficult for you both [especially you]. If only old age came on it's own eh? You know where to find me if you'd like a chat any time my friend.
Sending you both big hugs,
Annie x

Julia Dunnit said...

It is lovely to see you E, with or without an actual crafty desk. I expect you miss it, but there’s so much else involved when you’re a principal carer. I’m deeply sorry that your lovely Alan has become dependent, it’s a horrid hard adjustment for you both. The availability of sherbet lemons is a very good thing. Please please feel the support, we may not be much good on a practical level, but my goodness, we are great readers and really are here for you. Blog about your life and if you need to talk or jump up and down, reach out for a video chat with any of us, here for you. Some very wise words from other Deskers here, please do look after yourself, and also please please, do not beat yourself up about the days when you just don’t want or can’t be the carer. Sending love and hugs, to you both.

Spyder said...

Sorry I'm sooo late for my pop in for WOYWW and hope everything is okay your end. My days seems to just melt into one very long one when nothing really gets finished! Have a great week, Happy late woyww ((Lyn)) #22