Wednesday, 20 May 2020

WOYWW - 11th Anniversary, UFO and Covid-19

Hello Everyone,

It's more than a wee while since I joined all you lovely folk - actually it's 7-8 weeks - but when a little birdie (Annie) reminded me that today was a very special day, the 11th anniversary of Julia's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. Eleven years!  Eleven years of snooping with permission every Wednesday. Despite my recent absence, I'm delighted to be part of such a wonderful community of crafters - all the more important at this time of social isolation and lockdown. 
Not that there's much been going here. This desk has been much neglected of late. Julia suggested we might like to finish a UFO to mark this anniversary. Not difficult to find UFOs in this house. The difficulty was choosing the one that needed the least effort to finish. I chose this knitted castle.
Now don't laugh! I know, it's quite the most ramshackle castle ever knitted. Not unlike the many ruined Scottish castles that are dotted around our countryside. Hopefully, the little boy it's intended for will enjoy playing with it - together that is, the tiny medieval characters that still have to be knitted.
Here's a close up of the pile of stamps you might have spotted. Just received from Craft Stash yesterday. Very appropriate for the times we are living through. I may be recuperating from the Coronavirus but that doesn't stop goodies falling into those virtual baskets that seem to pop up everywhere online!!! 
I can't possibly finish without thanking everyone who have sent us all the wonderful 'get well' wishes. Too many of you to name but you know who you are. As already noted, I'm recuperating nicely now and getting back to the 'new normal'. However, the EM has been very unwell with the virus, gave us quite a scare for a while there, so much so he had to be rushed to hospital. He's still in the High Dependency Unit but has recovered so well that he's due to be transferred back to the Medical Ward some time today. We're hopeful that, after some physiotherapy, he will be allowed home next week.
And finally, this package of emergency rations was delivered today. A delicious surprise from my wee sister - yum, yum.

Happy Anniversary to you all and a huge thanks to Julia for taking the time and making the effort to keep us WOYWWing through the good and the bad times.

Take care and stay safe everyone.


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh that's marvellous news about Alan, I'm so pleased to hear that. Fingers crossed that he's home again as soon as possible. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better too Elizabeth. Now the important stuff is dealt with - Happy 11th Bloggyversary!! I do like the UFOs you've shown us today, the little castle is so cute and the lad won't notice the wonky stuff, he'll just enjoy playing.
Enjoy the day and keep safe,
Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

Sarah Brennan said...

I am so glad that you are on the mend Elizabeth and that Allan is heading in the right direction too. Love your castle, a great UFO to finish. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #15.

Twiglet said...

So good to here your update and sending all good wishes to you both. That little knitty castle will be much loved I am sure - great idea. Sun shining here today - I will be outside raising a glass to our fab WOYWWers! Happy Bloggyversary. xx Jo #23

glitterandglue said...

Dear Elizabeth. How lovely to see you here today - and to know that you are recovering nicely. So glad too, that the EM is gradually getting there. I'm so sorry he has been so desperately unwell. I have been praying for you both. That castle is something else! Laugh? Why should we laugh - it's a brilliant idea. Well done. Now those emergency rations look good - so you enjoy them!!!
Take care of yourself. Continue to recover. Love to you both. God bless.
Margaret #3

Lanniesmum said...

Oh Elizabeth, I am so sorry that I didn’t know EH was so ill. Give my best wishes to him and hope he will soon be home safely with you. Many hugs to you. Catriona

Annie said...

Wahoo wahoo wahoo. You made it[to the celebrations] and you completed it [the castle]. It's so lovely to have you back and to hear such wonderful news about that special man in your life...he certainly caused a few sleepless nights over the last couple of weeks. Here's to having much more to celebrate very soon.
Thanks for your love and friendship over the last 11 years.
Annie x #11

Mariane said...

Dear Elizabeth, I really do hope you are all ok over there. I haven't got the virus here, neither my friend. Denmark is slowly closing up the business life and the stores so hopefully, it is soon to be safe to go outside. What a great deal of cards you have. they really look lovely. I never experienced a knitted castle before. What an interesting idea ;) Take care and be safe!!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Happy WOYWW Anniversary
Mariane #25

BJ said...

I adore the castle, that certainly is an achievement especially as you've been so poorly. Hugs to you both. BJ#13

Diana Taylor said...

The castle looks like a fabulous fun toy for a little boy to play with. It also looks quite difficult to knit, let alone knitting the tiny characters to go with it! Love the new stash and hope you have plenty of fun playing with it. Happy WOYWW anniversary,
Diana x #28

Helen said...

Great to see you with your knitted castle (it would never have occurred to me...) and wish you happy 11th blogversary with us. BUT best of all, such good news about the EM, and also your own recovery. I hope he will be home in your good care very soon. Much love. Helen #2

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

I can think of no better day to read your words Elizabeth, i'm so happy to hear. It must have been a scary experience for you and the family but remember to take baby steps & take good care of Alan when he comes home soon from what you have written. The knitted castle seems quite poignant regarding the current situation, our home certainly has been our castle over the past few weeks.
Take care, stay safe & a very very Happy 11th WoywW Tracey #10 xx
P.S Enjoy that chocolate #guilt free!!

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Elizabeth, so pleased to see you back and to hear you are much better, and that Alan has improved so much. It must have been a horribly scary time for both of you. Love all the projects, and laughing at the bit about having plenty to choose from, same problem here,lol. And those Bournville chocolate buttons- I have to get me some of those. Love plain chocolate. Have a lovely week, Stay safe, Hugs, Shaz #12 XxxX

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy 11th Anniversary, Elizabeth. So sorry to read that both you and your husband have contracted the virus, but glad that both of you are doing better. You got some lovely stamps appropriate for the times. And that castle is adorable. Believe me, I'm not laughing. I'm too impressed to laugh. Happy WOYWW from # 6.

Neet said...

Rather than write to you I have been asking Jan for news on you and Alan. Good to know that he is almost well enough to return to an ordinary ward but it will be even better when he can return home to you. So sorry to hear that you both were so poorly but glad my little card got to you at the very beginning.
Take care of your self and build yourself up in readiness for Ems return. Don't tire yourself out too much with the figures for the castle but don't forget to take a photo for us all. What a fabulous project!
Take care and happy anniversary
Hugs, Neet 5 xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, what a very thoughtful sister you have. Loving the cards but especially the knitted castle. Thanks for all your kind comments and wishing you a very happy woyww 11th Anniversary. Big hugs, Angela x17x

Sandra H said...

Ooh what a fabulous and full post today l just love that castle, cards and chocolate stay safe x

Marit said...

Oh Elizabeth, so glad to hear you are feeling quite alright again, I hope the EM can come home next week as planned and all will be well. The castle made me smile, I LOVE it!!! Reminds me of Cristo (and artist who wrapped big buildings in fabric.) Happy anniversary dear one, stay healty, stay safe! Big hug from Holland. Marit #32

Lynn Holland said...

Now you need to stay safe and well as we’ve got more years to knock up over here on our woyww so I’m wishing that all our good wishes do the job
Happy 11th Anniversary
Lynn xxx

Caro said...

Happy belated WOYWW Anniversary! I have finished my marking so can now comment on blogs. I am so pleased to hear that Alan is improving and you are recovered. Your castle is fabulous! Take care my friend and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#19)

sandra de said...

Happy belated anniversary and lovely to see you are well and able to work on your project. Any little boy/girl would love their very own castle to play with. Gorgeous cards as well. Stay safe and enjoy your chocolate.
Sandra de @16

Lillianb said...

Glad you made it back for the Anniversary Elizabeth, Thats a sweet knitted castle, Loving the stamps, Wondered how long it would be before someone got stamps out for the NHS great cards as well its nice to know you are thought of

Take care and stay safe.

Lilian B #21

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Happy belated 11th WOYWW, dear Elizabeth, isn't IT amazing!? 😊 and so grateful to have your friendship through it!
And to have met you and Alan at Llundudno too... and really truly delighted you could join in today. Sorry I'm late.. but its been a really busy week. Out too much for my liking.
Oh your castle is amazing too, one little lad is really really going to love it to bits!! Wonky makes it more loveable!
Thanks for sharing, and may God blessyou and all whom you love, especially praying Alan and you will soon be together again soon safe and well.
You're in my prayers every day, and especially more often in last ten days. So pleased for better news. Julia was very emailing me. Was grateful for her. Take care of yourself, dear Elizabeth.
Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X 7

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Julia Dunnit said...

sorry I’m late. I’ll only talk about your blog post because I’m more up to date on your healths. Delighted to see you and absolutely In love with that Castle! How great of you to make the effort to join in when you could so easily have had a pass! My lovely Mama knitted dolls, clowns and a nativity but I never saw a castle and figures that I could have commissioned! how marvellous, am almost jealous of a little boy! Continue to keep well, and do shout if you need any help at all with that chocolate aid package. Sisters are so good at knowing!

Anne said...

Hello Elizabeth. I am so sorry to read that you have been having such a difficult time but happy to know you are doing well and Alan is recovering.
I have not been on my blog for a few weeks, glad to make it back for this special anniversary. Take care I pray that you and Alan will soon be together, at home. Anne X 37