Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WOYWW - Week 144 - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

Hello Everyone,

I didn't make this weekly desk fest last week so I'm determined to make it this week, no matter what ... I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't get my snooping fix organised by Julia, Keeper of the Desk Register - you'll find her at the Stamping Ground if you want to join in. So with no further ado here's a pic of my desk today.

There's a 4"x4" card in progress so, along with the patterned paper, etc., my boxes of ProMarkers are out, and there's my tray of essentials at the back ... can't manage without that. There's also another box, this one  containing pens of various types, glue, gold, white, etc.The  flower punches are still there from another cardmaking session ... haven't tidied them away yet. I had the Cuttlebug out and a heap of embossing folders recently and had a great time putting it through its paces - the result is that pile of bits and pieces on top of the ProMarker boxes ... I'm working my way through finding a use for them rather than just putting them away somewhere where they will just be forgotten.

I've been a bit poorly lately, a virus I think, but before I came down with the dreaded lurgy we had a trip down to a little town called Sanquhar, near Dumfries, because the Post Office there is celebrating it's 300 year birthday - not only is it the oldest PO in the UK, but it is the oldest in the world!

The door on the right is the original door and the one used by Robert Burns, the Scottish Bard, who was a frequent visitor to this PO when he worked as an excise (tax) man in the area.

Strolling around the town I discovered this bright and cheerful display in a florist's shop window and I thought you might like it too.

From Sanquhar we drove down to Thornhill where we had lunch and we discovered another gorgeous shop window display which I thought the needlewoman among us might like to see.

Love the fabrics, especially the gardening one with the welly boots and the one with the dogs is brilliant.

In a few hours time we will be taking delivery of some new shelving which is going into the new, bigger, craft room that the EM is preparing for me. I cannot wait even though the upheaval is giving me palpitations just thinking about it. Hopefully, next week, I'll be able to give you a guided tour :))

Okay, it's 1.14am here and I should be in bed getting some much needed beauty sleep. I'll be back in the morning to snoop, peer and peek at your desk and catch up on what you've all been up to in my absence ;)

I hope you are all well, welcome to my newest followers, and I wish you a happy WOYWW.

Happy Crafting,


  1. Lots of lovlies on your desk Elizabeth, It made me smile when you said you had visited Sanquhar, I have visited there many times as my brother lives in Leadhills which is not to far away from there it brought back lovely memories,dont get up there much these days as they all visit me instead being in so-called sunny Eastbourne!!Glad you are feeling a little better and looking foward to seeing some pics of your new crafty space, exciting!!! Hugs May x x x

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I spy a bit of coloring on your desk. I've thought of running some embossing folders through my cuttlebug just to have - for no particular project. I think I'll do that (thanks for the inspiration).

    I also love to see photos of your little trips around the UK. Definitely love both of the store window fronts. Very springy looking!

    Hoping you are feeling better.

    Happy WOYWW

  3. What a beautiful shop window the florist has. We are going into autumn here but still hot and just love those colours. That fabric is gorgeous too.
    Looking forward to seeing your new craft room.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Have a great week.
    Von #36

  4. Wow And I thought I got up early! Fab desk as always, hope you're feeling better now, can't wait to have a look at the new craft room. Take care & enjoy this WOYWW, I'll try not to snoop too much! Zo x 62

  5. What a cute post office!! Your desk is looking very tidy today. Glad you're better.

  6. Morning Elizabeth, I lovely desk, very creative and a really fab post with lots of gorgeous photos, I especially love the old post office.

    I was sorry to hear that you have not been very well though, there are a lot of really horrible viruses and bugs going around ATM. I do hope you feel better soon [[hugs]].

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  7. Sorry you havn't been feelong too good Elizabeth.
    Love your tidy desk this morning.
    Hugs Elaine
    Get well soon

  8. lots of goodies going on in your desk today, the windows are gorjuss as well

    thanks for the snoop
    judie xx

  9. Hope you feel better soon, and thanks for sharing those lovely colourful pics!

    happy woyww

    Debs #104

  10. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather again, Elizabeth. I think we are all in need of some sunshine aren't we.
    Your trip out looks gorgeous. What beautiful shops you found.
    Your desk is looking all spic and span amongst your creativity. I do wish I could craft as tidily as you.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax

  11. Your desk is fun today! What a quaint little town, looks like a lot of cool things to explore there. Happy Wednesday. - Tammy #118

  12. Lovely post this week Elizabeth and some pretty, and interesting shops to see - very pretty fabric but I'd better not start collecting that as well as all my paints, inks and papers.

    Ann B

  13. Beautiful shop windows, such a breath of Spring Air. Nice to see you're back at your desk and crafting again Elizabeth and look forward to seeing the new craft room too.

    Brenda 6

  14. Hope you are feeling a bit perkier - those fabulous colours and fabric will do us all good. I love villages and wee shops like that - that's a very special PO indeed. Do I spy Scattered Straw there - a real beauty to go with the green there. Just been given two days reprieve from the painter - avoiding the guillotine as long as I can....! Thanks for the visit and wishes!!! Thanks for sharing with WOYWW? Sarah at 1.

  15. What a lovely little shop!!!! So cute!

  16. Love those photos of the shop windows. It's windows like the florist that makes me go in and buy things I don't need.
    Take card, get well!
    Hugs & Blessings

  17. Interesting post about the old PO. Lovely area and we used to visit all around the region when we stayed in Creetown with my friend. Just looking at some pics today taken near Robert Bruce's statue/ memorial. Hope you are feeling A1 again, love JoZarty x

  18. Lovely desk lots going on :) I like your idea of having a tray for essentials I may do the same I always spend ages for the last place I left the tape of scissors. Also what pretty shop displays I think its always great when shops make that extra effort to have exciting displays :)

    Thanks for sharing
    Becky #44

  19. Ooooo i luv pro markers lol looks like you have been busy. Love both flowers and material window displays they look fab thank you for sharing
    Anne-marie no 17

  20. Those embossed cutouts look fab.
    What a great idea to do them up and have them on hand.

    I absolutely love the welly fabric and the gardening fabric. Your outing sounds like a lovely day and thanks for thinking to take the window pics to share with us.
    Sorry you been poorly...I know what it is like to have the week speed by due to feeling under the weather as my week went like that too.

  21. Just became your latest follower...will enjoy seeing your cards and your walks and outings into the countryside around you!

  22. Wonderful photos-love the post office! And those windows are very inspiring! Dani33

  23. Good grief, you're staying up much too late! your desk is a gift of calm-but-busy achievement...those pieces on top of the box would be put away and as you say, forgotten, in a jif at my place!

  24. Elizabeth your desk looks beautifully tidy...I wish mine was. Sounds like you had a lovely trip to Sanquhar. Thanks for sharing all your lovely pic's.
    Happy WOYWW, hugs, Erika.

  25. Hi Elizabeth my lovely lady! Firstly, hope you soon feel better. Wonderful photos and also great to see your craft space as always. The pogo stick is all yours if you wish - Mrs A ran away and left me to clean it up :) Take care honey! Di xx

  26. You look busy in your work Eizabeth I love the little display too
    thanks for passing by have a great week x

  27. lovely colourful spring windows you have taken there.
    They made me smile, it is so pleasing to see proper window displays. I have posted about this in the past. I work in a store that has fab displays. have fun with your promarkers
    janet #59

  28. I realize I am really late getting here, especially since I am #2. But I have had a terrible time keeping my computer running today. Seems it wants to shut down after I visit one blog. I'm glad you are putting those bits to good use. It always makes me feel better when I read someone is using their supplies for something other than collecting dust.

    I'm so glad you are enjoying the AB lessons. I look forward to seeing a book soon, too (grin).

    Happy WOYWW.

  29. Wow - the oldest post office - how cool is that? Oh your new space will be wonderful! Moving everything is a pain in the patoot, but once you're done its so worth it! Happy WOYWW! Warmly, Tracy #96

  30. Thanks for popping in on me. I'm rather late this week....busy busy days sewing for me.
    Really love your pictures. Such happy colours.
    A x

  31. I love the window display with the Wellies fabric, just gorgeous. What a hoot to visit the post office were you able to post yourself a card.

  32. I do not know how you can work and keep the desk so tidy Elizabeth - when I'm doing a card it looks like a bomb site. Fantastic photos as always - it is lovely following all your little trips.

  33. Morning Elizabeth, it is bright and sunny at the moment down here. Spring is definitely on its way. Before i look at your desk, I must tell you that I spoke to Barbara Gray via Facebook yesterday, and she told me that she was actually using Perfect Pearls rather than the cheap basic micas that I had. So any further trials down that way will wait until I get some. They have a binder in which mine don't.
    Your desk is really interesting today. I can see lots of good shapes all ready to be used, as well as your colouring. that village is lucky to retain its Post Office, the way all the others are getting closed down in villages. thank you for sharing your travels with us. they are fun to see. Have a good week, and take time to recover properly. xx Maggie #8

  34. Thanks for sharing your creative space and the great pics of your historical jaunt. Those spring windows make me restless for the real thing.

  35. Lovely space and those chickens are adorable on that little cabinet. It's 70 today and I'd love to be out in the yard but the wind is atrocious, when you live in the woods it's safer to be inside on days like this no matter how warm!

  36. I hope you are feeling better. Those displays are so cheerful and Springy. I live in Northern British Columbia and won't see Spring until at least May!

  37. Some interesting things on your desk Elizabeth.
    Love your window shopping photos too.

  38. Hi Elizabeth

    What beautiful shop fronts you found .. .. I love them all but especially the fabric one!!

    Sorry to hear you have been poorly Elizabeth. I hope that you are on the mend now!

    Have a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  39. lots of fun stuff on your table. Wish I were there to try them out. lol

    Really interesting about the post office. Wait until I tell our post mistress this!

    pop over for my give away if you wish.

  40. Howdy Elizabeth,
    Happy WOYWW!

    Nifty workspace - SO TIDY - thanks for the peek.

    Would love for you to visit my blog, and become a follower when you have a moment or 2. Also, get Freebies to celebrate my 2nd blogoversary!

    'LuLu' #169

  41. oh wow. Nice desk area, but something tells me it will be an even nicer area next week... BIG GRIN
    Love the pics of your little expedition. Cute fabric. The oldest post office - wow. Boggles the mind 300 years.
    Have a great day and hoping you feel better too. Keeping my fingers crossed everything works out and it's not too much of an upheaval.

  42. Hope you're feeling better - and thank you for sharing such bright and spring-like photos with us! That fabric is lush...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  43. Hi there Elizabeth such an exciting post with lovely pickies and green about the craft room above I confess! such lovely work! A bit late but thanks so much for popping over, and for sharing. Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #32

  44. Sorry its taken me so long to get around this week - the commission is taking every spare minute. How are you feeling with your craft space in mid-redo? I hope its all sorted soon xx

  45. Ooooo lots of yummy bits your playing with, I'm terrible, I tend to pop my unused die cuts in a box and completely forget about them, maybe I should leave them out more often. Your crafting room is really starting to come on, and love what you have done with the pics on a later post. Those shop windows are gorgeous and would be great as a colour inspiration for a challenge. Kezzy x


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