Monday, 18 August 2014

In A Vase on Monday - Bertha's Blows

Hello Everyone ...

... and a happy Monday to you.

Well, Hurricane Bertha, or more correctly what was left of her, blew in last week and did her best to flatten every plant and flower in the garden. Today, the sun is shining but the wind is still blowing. I've got my fingers crossed for better weather because the Ayr Flower Show is scheduled for this weekend.

I spent a couple of hours clearing up Bertha's mess this afternoon, cutting down everything that had been blown down or over and propping up those that could be saved.I filled the trug with all the flowers that had been broken or damaged and brought them indoors to see what could be salvaged. It was mostly the red roses, 'Pride of England' and 'Faithful' that took the brunt of the damage. However, just one single yellow rose, one of my husbands nameless varieties, took a knocking too. I've teamed them up with some Lysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker' that I found trailing on the ground and three stems from a clump of variegated apple mint that we've inherited with the garden ... it's totally impervious to the weather!
The last addition, the red flower that's heads above the roses, is yet another mystery from the box of mixed seeds I scattered in the rose bed way back in spring. The box was labelled Butterfly Garden but no other information about the possible contents. The box was illustrated with a lovely photo of pink and blue blooms but there's not one single red flower to be seen. If you know what this one is called, I'd be most grateful if you let me know.

I've put my little posy in another jug from my treasured collection. This one, a reproduction Dedham pottery jug, was a wedding present sent all the way from Massachusetts, USA.

So that's my contribution to Cathy's In A Vase on Monday meme. To see what's in Cathy's vase you can find her Rambling In The Garden, together with lots of links to other fabulous Monday vases.

And on the subject of mystery plants, can anyone tell me what this one is? It suddenly appeared, growing down in the woodland area and it is definitely not anything I've planted. It's tall growing with a thick, hairy stem, large leaves and no sign, so far, of it ever flowering. It has a tendency to flop down too. I cut one that had flopped over the path down and the stem was full of a white milky looking sap. I just wonder if it is wee gift distributed by one of the many birds that perch in the shrubbery overhead.

Despite the lashings of rain we've been enduring over the last week the ground, and many plants, were parched ... the drying effect of the incessant winds. I had to get the hose out and water ... my non-gardening neighbours must think I'm mad! So tomorrow will be another day of clearing the damage and more watering. According to the weather report we are going to have a better day.

Hope you have a good day too.


Sandra H said...

Hi Eliazabeth, Oh wasn't she a mess we have next doors leaves all over the new lawn and in the newly built pond what a mess it left and besides that blow lots of my baking apples from the trees so badly bruised and not big enough some of them such a waste but never mind most is cleared up and well the apples will grow again next year your flowers and jug are gorgeous.....not sure what your mystery plants are Elizabeth but it wouldn't surprise me if it flowered thank you for sharing your lovely garden and l'm still thinking naughty Bertha hasn't finished with us yet its still blowing here more like winter than summer take care xx

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, sorry you had so much storm damage but you certainly turned it into a positive with your lovely arrangement. The top red flower looks like a Zinnia.

Julie said...

SWeet bouquet!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It makes sense to use the broken stems so they are not 'wasted'- I have a little pot on my kitchen window sill for anything that has been knocked off or the extras that didn't get included in the vase. Your roses look wonderful - even though some of mine are flowering they look a bit tired. Is your mystery red plant a zinnia? Applemint is my favourite mint and it has moved between houses although strangely I seem to be out of it at the moment :(

Diane said...

Wonderful post Elizabeth and what gorgeous flowers.

Hugs Diane

Jacee said...

What beautiful Roses!
Hugs Jacee

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Carole Pollard said...

So sorry you had a bad time with the storm but your vase looks stunning today. I had a pot blow over and break one of my favourites its always the nicer ones that go Love and hugs Carole x

Anonymous said...

Looks great and glad to hear you weathered the storm ok. I love when the roses open up like that, they're so big and soft and you just need to touch them!

scrappymo! said...

I think your mystery red bloom is a Zinnia!
I do not know the other one!

I always enjoy your garden blooms.