Thursday, 19 July 2012

WOYWW Mark 2 - What a Difference a Day Makes

... now, I'm not bouncing up and down full of beans, but I'm a heckuva lot better than I was yesterday and here's the proof.

Yes, I've found the energy and enthusiasm to tidy the desk. It all started with a visit to the craft space from the EM - he stared at my desk, aghast, and remarked that he couldn't see where I worked, there wasn't a clear space big enough. Sound familiar?

I did realise that I was beginning to accumulate stuff around me ... to hand ... for quickness and ease of use ... while I was trying out inky techniques, but putting it all away again, that was a different matter. I sat there and thought, and thought, what to do? And having thought about it a bit more, I decided that what I really needed was a vegetable trolley! As you do!!! Not only that, but a vegetable trolley that would fit under my workdesk and still be big enough to store stamps and ink pads galore!!! 

Lots of research later and the best one I could find, right height, right depth of basket and right price, was to be found at Argos. This all met with the EM's approval and so this morning he hot-footed it down to our nearest branch and picked up this little beauty :)

Operation centre, aka the dining area, and here I am with my Tommy Walsh mallet finishing it off. The Fairy Liquid was a tip from the resident handyman - smearing the tops makes it much easier to fit all the legs on!

Job done :))

In the craft space and here's what I've done with the rack.

As you can see it slips under the workdesk perfectly.

Lower basket - a mix of rubber and clear stamps.

Middle basket - Claritystamps

Upper basket - ink pads

Now, if I drag this sort of stuff out on to the desk, it will only take a matter of moments to stow them tidily away again.  After all the stamps were decanted into the trolley I was left with this empty basket - perfect for storing some of the smaller punches I do keep on the desktop.

And the final touch, the first sweet peas from the garden - picked especially for the occasion by the EM :)


Tomorrow is our 16th wedding anniversary and we are going to celebrate. Now that I'm in recovery mode and the tortuous trotters are very much better ... still not up to any serious mountain walking but short strolls are allowed ... we are going to revisit Kirkby Lonsdale at the weekend. We passed through there last month, on our way to Harrogate, and liked the look of it so much we wanted to return.
As I said at the outset, what a difference a day makes, even the sun is shining :)

Thank you to everyone who sent get well wishes ... they worked!!!

I hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend too.

Happy crafting,


  1. Soooo glad you are better! Desk looks fab and your trolley will make life much easier - looks good with all your stash neatly housed. Happy anniversary for tomorrow, have a fabulous day! xx

  2. A very Happy Anniversary to both of you. Enjoy your trip.

  3. Many congratulations Elizabeth on your 16th wedding anniversary hopefully you;ll enjoy your day and hopefully the weather will be good for you too! well done on your DIY they do come in handy and you can store lots in them and your desk is looking so good:)x

  4. i love sweet peas, i love your racking, and I think you need a bigger desk ,

    dxxx ( thanks for coming by yesterday)

  5. Hello Elizabeth, I just found time for a quick visit before I crash out into my bed. I never visited yesterday,but your desk looks great. Your trolly will be such a boon as I managed to fit a set of 4 drawers under one of my desks and I use it all the time. Hope you have a lovely day to-morrow and say hello to KL from us as we used to go there a lot too. We are off to Haddington on Sunday for 2weeks and I have my crochet and knitting bag all packed and ready to go. Happy Anniversary to both of you. See you when I get back. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. What a great idea. When I was younger we lived in a townhouse. My scrapbook room was the guest room!
    DH (who is usually very unhandy) did a fantastic job of custom fitting a worktop and shelves into the closet. I had 3 huge trolley that slid under the worktop when I has done working and then I closed the closet door.
    Wehn company came I cleared the worktop and their open suitcase fit on top I had a hanging rod off the bedroom door for their hang up clothes.
    It is amazing what we think of to store our crafts...teehee

  7. Happy Anniversary for tomorrow Elizabeth, love your trolly I bet that comes in useful. your craft room looks great. Teresa x

  8. Snap - I adore my little trolley under the desk here :) Great photos too.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Alan, so glad you feel better today. Enjoy your trip out - it's a lovely place!

    Hugs, Di xx

  9. Oh Elizabeth, you do make me laugh, we're very much alike you know. After your comment I searched back to a previous WOYWW on my blog and found that you commented last October 1th or so that you liked the trolley idea and were off out to get one :) So, that was some long shopping trip :))

    Mind you, I bet you'll keep yours a lot tidier than mine is right now - that's it, am deffo, off to bed, just at that nice sleepy point now. Di xx


  10. I'm not commenting much these days but had to stop by to wish you and Alan Happy Anniversary. Job well done. Gosh I miss Tommy Walsh. Never missed him, Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock on Ground Force.
    So glad you are feeling better.

  11. so glad you are feeling better and what a great idea. Happy anniversaryto you both x

  12. Hope you have a great anniversary and that the sun shines for you both. Love the trolley idea and may just pince it. Am re-organising my space so it is useable again after hubby death and this seems a great idea.

  13. Trolley and trolley putter-upper looking good there! Kirkby Lonsdale is about 15 miles from my house but I'm sorry to tell you that it's absolutely teeming it down here at the moment! Though no doubt you'll only pick this up when you get home, in which case I hope you have had a lovely (if wet) time!! Oh, and the school finishes there today so prepare for over a thousand kids descending on the village!

  14. What a brilliant idea Elizabeth, I may have to try that myself :o)
    I am so pleased that you are feeling much better now, hugs
    Jackie xx

  15. ohooo what a great idea, I had one of them once....wonder what happened to it!!! Still in the middle of tidying up, hope I'm ready for this weeks WOYWW! Have a great week, sorry I'm sooooo late


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