Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WOYWW - Celebrating the 6th Anniversary



Congratulations Julia for keeping What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday going for soooo long :) 

We wouldn't be doing it without you!

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that all you do to keep WOYWW going is much appreciated xxx

Many friendships have been made and much fun has been had by so many Deskers and all down to one very brilliant idea to get us communicating over our desks, spreading the crafting love worldwide. Who would have thought it possible six years ago that we would still be chatting away like this today :) 


My desk today! As you can see I've been playing Scrabble :) Well, I had to do something to mark the occasion, especially as, unfortunately, this year I'm unable to join in the exchange of ATCs. Hopefully, I'll be able to join in next year for the seventh anniversary celebrations! 

The eagle-eyed will have no doubt spotted my new toy, Sapphire ... she's so darned cute :) And I'm sure some of you will be wondering why I needed yet another die-cutting machine! Spotted it on C&C TV, sat on my hands through several demonstrations, and then succumbed. Justifications, if any were needed, I found aplenty. It's just the right size for all those tiny dies I use so much - like the butterflies and the deer lying out on the desk today. It's small enough that it can be put to good use whilst wasting time watching TV! And, best of all, it's such a handy size that it's no longer a chore to get it out, unlike the GC or even the Cuttlebug, to use up tiny snippets of card, hence those butterflies and the pile of purple scraps on the left there.

So lovely deskers, happy sixth bloggaversary and have a wonderful day. Here's to many more happy years of blogging and many more special friendships being made.

Leave me a little hello comment to let me know you've visited, please, and I will be sure to return the compliment as soon as I'm able. In fact, I'm off right now to a bit of blog hopping before lunch :)

Happy WOYWW, 


Sarn said...

Happy WOYWW to you Elizabeth.

Have not heard of a Sapphire . .. so will have to investigate to see if I NEED(!) one!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Annie said...

Oh what a wonderful six years it's been. We really are part of such a lovely bunch aren't we?
Have a great day.
Annie x # 36

Sue Jones said...

Ha Ha it does look nice- the saphire- I too looked but havent given in - yet.
Love those butterfly dies- dont think I have seen them before.
Happy anniversary - Soojay 37#

Lisca said...

I hadn't seen the Sapphire yet. Yes, very cute!
Great that you did the Scrabble words for the anniversary!
I’m still travelling but managed to have internet today so I’m visiting as many of you as I can. Happy anniversary all! Six years is quite a long time.
Have a good week and CU Wednesday

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Elizabeth, sounds like you found yourself a great new toy there!Happy 6th Anniversary, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #17 xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Lol, love your Scrabble tribute!! Happy 6th WOYWW, it's been fab to get to know you and meet you in the flesh as well....just think, had it not been for Julia and her shenanigans, we'd never have met!
I think you'll get a lot of use out of that little machine..and then the expense is justified. :-)
Hugs, LLJ 13 xxxx

MrsC.x said...

no justfication needed at all i just brought the A4 big shot just because i could then cut everything for a project in one go {how lazy am i?} but i still kept my normal big shot lol i wish i still had my sizzix side kick i am always using tiny dies and it would be perfect for then!
Happy 6th Anniversary WOYWW-er!
heres to many more
Charlie x #35

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Bleubeard could not WAIT to stop by and say meow (Hi in cat words) to Bonnie. And of course, I love the scrabble tribute. Were it not for Julia, we would never have "met." The internet has brought a whole new world of fun to us, hasn't it? And Julia's blog has been the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Happy, happy 6th WOYWW anniversary from #1.

Twiglet said...

Watch for Mr Postie! I love your celebratory desk this week. Happy 6th WOYWWaversary! x Jo

Julia Dunnit said...

Love the scrabble tiles! And the Sapphire..I could easily be tempted I must say. So portable! Meeting Deskers has been the highlight for me, and you and The Mangement feature strongly in the best days out memory sheet!

Kristiina said...

Never even heard of such a diecut machine! It was hard enough getting hold of a cuttlebug, seems like every shop in Finland stocks the bigshot and I wanted a foldable one. Wish you a great woywwing craft year :)
Kristiina #6

Unknown said...

Happy 6th WOYWW! Thanks for stopping by! Love the scrabble tiles and the dies!
Carol N #55

Jac said...

we crafters need no excuses to buy something new lol, Im still finding stuff not used, im sure im not the only one, love your desk, Thanks for the snoop

Jac x

Hettie said...

Happy Anniversary Elizabeth!! Liking the scrabble idea.
Now that machine looks handy but I am NOT going to look!
Hettie 62

Judys Lace Creations said...

Love that scrabble word take on Julia's sixth!! Clever. Owls were big here in Oz for a while, but not so much now. I am always a bit behind the fashion! I love toys, and that cute die cutting machine...well at our age no need to justify a purchase that makes us happy!!
Thanks for your visit.

Robyn said...

Happy 6th! Love your tile play! glad you are enjoying your new die cutter!
thanks for visiting
Robyn 11

Helen said...

Happy 6th Anniversary - love the scrabble tiles! Not seen the Sapphire or heard of it, hope you use it loads... Helen 7

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Elizabeth and happy 6th WOYWW. Thanks also for visiting my desk. Super cute new toy sorry piece of necessary equipment would quite suit me with it being so compact and portable. Have a great week RobynO#14

Nikki said...

What a great idea to use scrabble tiles so kewl. Happy WOYWW #6 lovely dies you have out there too love that reindeer
Hugs Nikki 9

Neet said...

Good for you getting a new machine - it does us all good to have a treat now and then. Cute looker and lovely colour.
Very clever of you to spell a message out with Scrabble tiles - looks good.
Thanks for your visit earlier and Happy Anniversary - Hugs, Neet xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Lovely idea with the scrabble letters. A small cutting machine is a must so I shouldn't bother if you have other machines. Have a great woyww anniversary week and happy crafting, Angela x 37

CraftygasheadZo said...

Loving the scrabble tiles! Indeed WOYWW has brought so many of us together online and now in real life too! Take care Zo xx 47

Anonymous said...

Such a good idea. Very commemorative, and start planning your ATC fro next year NOW! :) All joking aside, I did start mine about 3 months in advance LOL! But then I am CLEARY so disorganized, making a Weds. visit on a SUNDAY, that I need the time....

Happy belated 6th-anniversary WOYWW!
Mary Anne (3)

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I started reading your blog earlier and then got sidetracked by your talking about the Sapphire and went off to look at it. I think I will stick to what I have, the Cuttlebug and the EBosser. Hope you enjoy playing with your new toy. xxx Maggie #8

akilli melek said...

Hi Elizabeth

Happy 6th WOYWW. I haven't played along for too long, but I do drop in on your blog every now and then. Glad to see you are researching new toys, lol.

Caroline (akilli melek)