Sunday, 31 May 2015

Lace & Hessian Jar Wrap - Just Experimenting

Hi Everyone,

I hope you've had a great weekend. We certainly have here. Yesterday we took a trip up to Garelochhead, a small village on the Gare Loch in Argyll and Bute ... a lovely trip through some beautiful countryside ... and today we went along to Ayr Town Hall to see The Great Tapestry of Scotland. This was our second visit, it's so big it took us two days to see it all. Posts will follow once I've sorted out the many photos taken.

This evening I've been experimenting with how to make a wrap to prettify a jam (jelly) jar.
The base is a piece of white on white fabric from the scrap box. I added white lace borders, hessian (burlap), white satin ribbon, cream embroidered ribbon, a cream crocheted flower and a pearl to finish it off.
I decided to leave the ribbon fairly long so that the wrap could fit several sizes of jars.
As I'm always looking for a new container for flowers this is a great way of creating something different quickly and inexpensively. It would also make a pretty container for a tea light.

This was so easy to make and it's a great way of using scraps of materials that I may just make one or two more.

Many thanks for visiting. I wish you all a good day tomorrow.

Happy Crafting


Jackie said...

What a lovely idea, and so pretty :o)
Jackie xx

Twiglet said...

Great idea and very dainty. Would look lovely filled with wild flowers. x Jo

scrappymo! said...

Great idea! Your cover/sleeve is really pretty!

I am just waiting to finally have flowers blooming in my new garden. It got really hot for a couple of weeks right after I planted and we have been up at the lake. Poor Daughter is trying to keep them alive till I get home and get a watering system set up on a timer.

I have plans to submit some cut flowers in a vase like you do to that challenge. I will have to have vases with very small mouths though as I will have very few blooms this year. I liked your idea of the divided box...maybe a single piece of wood with holes drilled for test tube type bottles...