Friday, 1 May 2015

Friday Smiles - Week 117

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have had as lovely a day as we have had here. I've been out and about today which is why I'm late with my Friday Smiles for Annie over at A Stitch In Time. We took a trip into town, specifically to see Scotland's Tapestry - photos to follow later - and whilst there we spotted this on the High Street.
Sand art in Ayr! Brilliant!
The artist said it takes him about one hour to make. My husband told him he was waiting for it to bark :)

And now the joke for this week:

A cute Highland girl was giving a manicure to a man in Dunkeld barber shop. The man said, " How about a date later ? " 

She said, " I'm married." 

" So call up your husband and tell him you're going to visit a girlfriend." 

She replied, " You tell him yourself- he's shaving you."

Short and sweet this week. I'm off to watch the last episode of Poldark - recorded on Sunday. Well, there's no Gardener's World tonight so I have to cheer myself up somehow :)

Have a wonderful weekend.


cuilliesocks said...

Hello Elizabeth, thank you for your comment earlier today.
Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the tapestry and will look forward to the photos.
The sculpture is faboulous, I thought it was for real, he does look like he could bark, hugs Kate x

Annie said...

Will look forward to seeing the pics of your visit today. Love the sand art...there was one like that in Shrewsbury town centre too [and we are miles from a beach ;-)].
This weeks joke fad us giggling here Elizabeth....thanks for sharing it.
ps have fun with the babysitting :-)

Hettie said...

Very funny.

mamapez5 said...

That dog is brilliant. I love sand sculpture. The joke made me chuckle. Thanks for the smile. Kate x

Robyn Oliver said...

Fantastic sand art Elizabeth, fun joke too. I am looking forward to watching Poldark - many years ago I read the series and loved it. Have a great weekend

Veerle said...

That sculpture is awesome Elisabeth, i love it. And your little joke really made me smile this morning. Enjoy the weekend, hugs

Jackie said...

That dog looks so real! Sand art is so clever :o)
Jackie xx