Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday Smiles - Week 120

It's Friday and time to join Annie in celebrating what's made us smile this week.

No photos of the children this week - I think everyone just forgot to get their camera out. I know I did when little Arihanna paid us a visit! Never mind, there's always our garden. I was delighted to see that the clematis montana 'Elizabeth' (yes, who would have thought I'd have a clematis named after me!!!) planted last year is doing well and flowering. Especially as just a couple of weeks ago we had to untangle her from her support and lay her down, ever so gently, to allow for the old fence to be replaced by a brand spanking new one :)
And what about this for a zingy colour combination - a purple allium bursting open against a backdrop of yellow and orange wallflowers. The allium looks very pinkish in the evening sun ... oh yes, the sun came out for five minutes on Wednesday evening!

Ah, the joys that come with a garden, even when all there's time for is a quick trot round with the camera spotting what's in bloom today. At this time of the year there is something new emerging almost every day.

And now it's time for the joke of the day: 

Who's Toughest?

M6 and M25 are in a bar arguing.

M6 says, "I'm the toughest. I go from Birmingham to Carlisle and I can carry thousands of cars and lorries every hour".

M25 says, "I go right round London, and I can have lorries sitting on me without moving for hours and I don't flinch".

Then just as Red Tarmac comes in they both hide under a table.

When he goes they come out again.

Witnessing this, the barman remarked, "I thought you were arguing over which of you was the toughest!"

"We were," says M6. "but Red Tarmac there, he's a CYCLE PATH!!!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend,


Annie said...

Hehehe I know a few like Red Tarmac :-) avoided at all costs :-)
Love the garden flowers today Elizabeth. We've been out refashioning our back garden today [getting ready for the building work to start....soon I hope :-) ].
Have a great weekend.
Annie x

Hettie said...

Funny enough my clematis has come out this week and I must get a few photos before it goes over.
Very funny!

Twiglet said...

Must be a bit slow today - took me all of 20 seconds to get the Cycle path!! I bet your garden is looking lovely. I watched Chelsea flower show last week and there is a viola named Josie - that's me then - small and perfectly formed! lol Have a happy weekend. x Jo

Carole Pollard said...

Brilliant post and pictures love today's joke tis so funny love and hugs Carole x

mamapez5 said...

Good joke. It gave me a chuckle!
The flowers are beautiful. I had a poppy in my garden in the UK called Mrs Perry, and one called Marcus Perry which is my grandson´s name. And I just love the wall flowers. They certainly make a statement with the allium. Beautiful! Kate x

scrappymo! said...

Love your namesake! It is a really pretty one!!!

The allium looks great against the wallfowers. I had Allium at the old house but need to add some here...\They are so unique, methinks...

Seeing your garden always inspires me to get out for a nosy around the garden centre!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Elizabeth - gorgeous flower pics I too like to wander around the garden and check out whats new = aren't natures colours lovely. HA HA HA - cool joke too. Have a lovely weekend Robyn