Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WOYWW 151 ... a bit of a mess and granny square update

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you are all well and have had a good week so far.

A bit later this week but I couldn't possibly miss WOYWW ... that's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, the day many of us reveal the state of our work area, desk, table, kitchen worktop, floor - whatever - to the world via the hospitality of Julia at the Stamping Ground. If you've not discovered this weekly phenomenon before, do pop along and check out the many links there.

And here's mine ... a bit of a mess indeed! What you can see is the fall out after I'd finished making a card in a hurry ... patterned paper, toppers, brown card, gold mirri, gems and ribbon - the result to be revealed at a later date. The envelope marked 'white' is full of snippets of white card and it's fairly obvious that there are now too many ... I plan to find something better to store them in - or use them up 'toot sweet' and save myself the bother :) There a box (empty of diabetic ice-cream - ice-cream most foul!) of stamps to the right that I've been rootling in, looking for something for the next project planned. You can just see my Martha Stewart punches ... I can't say 'my one and only' any more because I now have two! My latest was 'bought' with the loyalty stamps accrued at my local craft shop ... it always feels as though it's for free when I can exchange a wee card full of stamps for something that would normally be a considered purchase :) Some of you might spot that the tools of the trade are in new storage - I liked the shape and colour of this dish that was going for a song at the car boot sale so, of course, I rescued it and brought it home to work for me on my desk. There's the usual box of adhesives and a fine collection of rulers - couldn't work without them. When I'm done here I'll have to tidy it all up and put stuff away before I can play again.

And for those who are following the progress I'm making with the crochet granny squares here's an update:

Not quite finished the pram cover, just the edging to crochet and it will be done. I've so enjoyed taking up the crochet hook again ... it's been such a pleasure putting the colours together and re-learning an old skill.  The cover was begun on April 13th and will almost certainly be completed by 27th ... a fortnight to make a pram cover doesn't seem too bad to me :) And I am so chuffed with the end result! So what next? Well, as this cover is for the baby great-grandchild expected at the end of the year, I thought it only fair to make a bed cover for his/her big sister, Rhian ... with pink being the predominant colour this time. Being larger, it will take longer but I'll keep you updated at intervals :) 

Not so brief this week, Julia ... I did try, honestly! I'll try to do better next week.

It's very windy and overcast here today but so far no rain. The old pine trees at the bottom of the garden keep squeaking which worries me just a tad, particularly as I've heard that a road just a bit further north was closed this morning due to a tree being blown down. They are tall pines!

Time for a cuppa with the EM and then I'll be back to join in the snoopathon.

Happy WOYWW and keep crafting,


  1. Such a fab desk with all those bits and bobs. I do love it when I've finished a card and everything's everywhere but then I have to tidy it up! Your blanket is fab, so pretty! Take care & enjoy WOYWW. Zo xx 77

  2. What a beautiful blanket!

    Happy Wednesday!

    Zoe #49

  3. thank you for the look around your crafting space today
    the blanket is looking fantastic
    vicky #104 woyww
    Ps I also have saturated canary candy on my blog

  4. Wow your pram cover is looking really lovely and you've obviously caught the bug now :-) Good luck with the next project.
    A x #38

  5. A busy, creative desk Elizabeth, with lots going on! I love the pram blanket that you have crocheted, it looks great :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx #75

  6. You have done well to get all that done in less than a fortnight. It is lovely. I can plain knit quite fast but my crochet takes a bit more thinking about. Wild wet and windy here today so I have been tidying kitchen cupboards. No-one will notice except me! Have a good week. x Jo

  7. Your crocheted Quilt looks absolutely beautiful Elizabeth. No-one can create without a mess. Have a nice day. Hugs Rita xx

  8. Your crochet project looks perfect! And lots of fun on your work space!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Nadia 117

  9. Happy Wednesday!
    Last minute cards usually turn out the best!!! 90% creativity and only time for 10% thought...


  10. I had to laugh, Elizabeth, that's definitely a messy desk for you but
    it looks very industrious.
    Your pram blanket is gorgeous. I love the white with the coloured middles. It will certainly keep the new arrival nice and cosy.
    It started out dry here but has been pouring down all afternoon. Perfect crafting weather.
    Hugs Lisax #74

  11. Lots to see on your desk this week. Love all the different boxes where you keep your scissors and other stuff in. Love the explosion colours of the flowers too. They are so spring in this dark, rainy day.
    And your crochet blanket... amazing!
    Hope you have a crafty week and thanks for visiting me. xFranka #9

  12. Hi Elizabeth,

    Oh, I do love your granny squares baby blanket. What a great idea to make a spread for the new (to be) big sister!

    Your desk looks very fun and inspiring.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #144

  13. I'm so proud of you Elizabeth for making that lovely blanket and so quickly. Well done! I love the colour choices too.
    your desk looks really busy but then you have been with the rush job of a card to do!
    Lots of love joZarty x

  14. good to see i am not the only one who likes to pick up bargains at the car boots,love the blanket
    have a crafty week and
    happy WOYWW
    kay #98

  15. Elizabeth I love the blanket.... I have been trying to crochet a lady kindly showed me the basic's but can I get round a corner without making a mistake.... so a friend has said she will go over it again with me ... I can knit but I cant seem to get the hang of this at all I so want to make a blanket!! maybe this time next year I can post it (lol) looking foward to seeing your next one Hugs May x x x No10

  16. Your blanket is coming along very nicely and your desk is fashionably untidy this week - means you have been creative in my book. Anne #61

  17. I love Afghan blankets and the ice cream colours of this pram cover make it really beautiful! You are clever - crochet is the one craft I have a problem with :)
    Hugs, LLJ #33 xx

  18. Love your crochet blanket its looking fab.

  19. The blanket looks wonderful and I hope your trees behaved themselves with the wind.

  20. Lovely crochet blanket nice subtle colours. Also love the desk it looks like it was productive.

    Eliza #26

  21. I was very late this week too! I had my post posted about midnight and then No Internet til half way through the morning! I think your desk looks very productive! Have a great Lovely week. HaPpY WoYwW!
    ((Lyn)) feeling very old at #102!

  22. wow you have done really well with the crochet. I'm a bit behind so just a quick visit this week
    janet #29

  23. Hope the pine trees stay stable. We used to have 60' gum trees in the front of our last house.I am kinda glad we don't have them in this house.I adore trees though.Guess it is the risk we take when we love their beauty.
    Judy #15

  24. My daughter is teaching herself to crochet. (The crocheting gene skipped my generation, though I may give it a shot someday.) She's attempting one similar to yours. It takes patience and a little help from crocheting friends!

    Have fun with your cardmaking! Thanks for sharing your desk!
    Lisa #93

  25. Greetings Elizabeth.
    Thank you for your comment, and for some fellow feeling for my impatience with CS magazine.
    Your pram cover looks really lovely and very evenly crocheted squares are admirable.
    I'm still ambling through the Wednesday mob, but I do enjoy it a little each day.
    Hope you've had some better weather. At least we can expect it going into winter. My soup switch has flicked over.
    Warmest regards,
    Ros. #27

  26. looks much too tidy for me, lol, love the scissors, gotta have one for every dif cut, silly me, but like it that way...............:))
    Super granny squares, will look lovely when finished, wanted to try doing them, but gave up in the end, lol, still have my wool tho!!
    lotsa luv #192

  27. Well done with the squares. I store my spare card bits in those plastic wallets that fit into a folder. Colour coded.
    Sorry I am so late - you will see why in my next WOYWW posting. Thanks for visiting and for sharing. Hugs, Neet #3 xx
    ps last call for my blog candy - closes tomorrow

  28. Thanks so much for sharing. I love the brown card and the gold together, I'm sure the card was stunning. Oh and thank you so much for your lovely comments too. Have a good week. Liz at 194 x

  29. Your desk is very crafty and creative! Look forward to seeing the card that came from all this!
    Your pram cover blanket is beautiful! Well done you! And that seems very quick to me for you have to made that lovely blanket so fast!
    Thanks for visiting me earlier!
    xoxo Karen

  30. That pram cover is looking great.
    Loving the gold card.
    Happy very belated WOYWW

  31. I like your mess, it's very shiny.
    Aeryn @ #191

  32. Your images look very interesting! I LOVE your crochet quilt. Fantastic!

  33. Your afghan looks like its coming along very well! And your desk looks a fine creative-spree induced mess, not too shabby, though. :)
    Thanks for stopping by to see my sewing cabinet this week, I mean last week...I'm really late this week, huh?

  34. I love seeing crochet projects...hope to see the pram cover, too!

    Your desk looked like it was ready for fun!

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a lovely comment a couple of weeks ago. I'm catching up on my WOYWW comments.

    Have a lovely Sunday!



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