Wednesday, 3 August 2011

WOYWW - Week 113 - Kitchen Reveal & Turtle Seas

Hello and Happy WOYWW to you all,

Sorry I didn't get around to see all your work spaces last week - pain stopped play. I wasn't so good for a few days and the pain in my legs made sitting at the computer off limits. Seen the doc, who upped the medication I'm taking and if that doesn't work it's a trip to the hospital to see what the consultant can suggest :(  Fingers crossed, that won't be necessary. Excuses over, I hope you all had a happy, and productive, week.

I can't believe we are now in August already. However, because it's August, specifically the 3rd of August, what's on my desk is special. Today is my daughter's 40th birthday so I've broken into my treasured Graphic 45 Le Romantique paper especially for her. Not quite revealed, but under the pad, is the card I'm making for her. If you're thinking I'm leaving it a tad late, not so, I'm not seeing her until Saturday at her barbecue party and it will be done by then :) You can see the stamp I'm using, the Timmy inks, some butterfly embellies and ribbon - lots of yummy ribbon. I had to replace the black polka dotted ribbon I used up on the Back to Black card made recently - see here - so when I was in my local haberdashery shop the other rolls just happened to drop into my basket. Love the burgundy one with dragonflies on it - no idea when and what it will ever be used for but it's there for me to enjoy :)

This cheery chappie sits on top of my CD collection nodding his little head all day long - a gift from a friend, he just makes me smile.

A few of the comments I received recently concerned the paint colour, Turtle Seas, that we have chosen for one of our kitchen walls. Hels, for example, thought it might be pale turquoise. So I thought I'd let you all see that it's quite a strong colour. This was not my first choice, that was a very much lighter shade called Water. However, when the EM opened the pot, the paint look curdled - it had gone off! On returning it to the shop he found there were no pots of our chosen colour left so, after a hasty telephone discussion, we opted for this. Pleases the EM because he loves strong colours, and it's grown on me too - it's a definite improvement on the yukky yellow that was there before. The dresser, which was sage green - I know, yukky yellow and sage green - what a can I say, these things happen when you move house - is now a very sparkling Moonlight White - gorgeous :)

That's it from me today - short and sweet by my standards:) If you are wondering what this daft woman is wittering on about why don't you click on the WOWYY logo on the side here and meet an awful lot more WOYWWers prepared to bare all, in  a workdesk sort of way you understand, every Wednesday.

I'm off for a spot of lunch now and then I'll be back to do a bit of desk hopping myself.


  1. Hoping you're feeling better, Elizabeth! I didn't hop last week either as I had multiple DT projects due. Grateful but makes for a full week. Love your kitchen color against that white. They can't custom mix paint for you over there?

  2. Hi, familiar with ribbon just rolling into my shopping basket, i am very exited to see how the birthday card will be. THE color of the kitchen......JUST LOVE IT. You just have to dare to do so.....

    Greetz, marjolein

  3. Wish your daughter a happy birthday when you see her. That dresser is lovely and I like the little pitchers (or maybe they are creamers) that you displayed along with your cups and mugs. Looks like they are ready for use, too.

  4. I have just fallen in love - with your dresser. it is absolutely gorgeous. Love your little nodding fella and look forward to seeing what you did for your daughter.
    Can see what you mean about scrappers and photos (comment on my blog) but still twitchy about including my friend's little one - have written to her - see what she says.
    Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Neet

  5. Great snoop there... love the birdcage stamp and the graphics 45 papers too. Your dresser is just lovely and the white with the wall colour works wonderfully.
    My work room is actually bigger than my kitchen... aren't I the lucky one? The kitchen is small basic and neat... not like my crafty space.
    Happy 40th to your DD.... my elder DD was 40 last Nov. It puts years on us, don't you think!!? tee hee! Not kids any more.
    Love JoZarty x

  6. Ooo looks lovely. Hope you feel better soon. Kim

  7. I had a pot of Moonlight White for ages, I got quite attached to it, lol! The wall is a lovely colour.
    Helen S

  8. I love that wall colour. It is not a million miles away from my accent colour in my craft room. It is from Laura Ashley but I canny remember the name of it. That Dresser is gorgeous too.
    Hope you are feeling a little better this week.

  9. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather, Elizabeth. I hope things start to improve soon.
    Turtle Seas, what a great name for a paint colour and it looks gorgeous on your wall, especially with your white dresser.
    Happy 40th Birthday to your daughter, I hope she didn't find it too painful, I dreaded turning 40!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax

  10. I adore that colour combination ...close to the colours I left behind when i mooved. Hope you are feeling better and the medication works xx

  11. Happy 40th to your daughter! In exactly one week my daughter will be 24. Love the happy chap, so cute!

  12. happy birthday to your daughter! that little nodding guy makes me smile! thanks for sharing! happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  13. Hi Elizabeth! Firstly - I hope you soon feel better. Next - best wishes to the Birthday Girl. I love the colour of your wall, the white dresser is so fresh looking. I have a white dresser in my kitchen too and at Christmas time it just has to have lots of red and green decs on, looks great against the white - just spending your money for you :) And the Life is Too Short wall hanging cracked me up - my kinda girl!! Di xx

  14. Hi there Elizabeth,
    Well another day over and the week is rushing by as tomorrow is Friday...oh I love that paper on your desk can see why it is so treasured, love it my ribbon too but dont have enough...happily not shops here to tempt me but online does tempt me badly enough!
    I have just sent you a long missive so see it does not o in your spam! it is is answer to your kind offer on the mat or an attempt to reply!! I seemed to waffle on for ever so long.
    Am so sorry to hear you are not all that chipper and pray that you may improve and that surgery is not needed. Have had feet pain myself - pulled ligament not good for beach walking sadly. Happy WOYWW and thanks for popping over and for kind offer too! you are appreciated. Shaz in Oz.x (ps just written another book to you!) :D

  15. Gorgeous colour on your wall and it goes beautifully with your dresser. Just makes me want to stop by and have a cuppa. Love the graphic 45 papers they are delish. Hope your health improves.

  16. Happy Birthday to your daughter and best wishes on reaching another big milestone in life! Been there done that - LOL! I hope your pain eases for you and no surgery is needed, will cut into crafting and that just can't happen! Thanks for your comment very appreciated! I just love your little Cheery Chappie - too darn cute!

  17. I'm very envious of your dresser!! I've got quite a collection of jugs and they need somewhere to set them off :) Hope you feel better soon xx

  18. It looks like a fresh wind is coming through your kitchen. The card you are making for your daughter must be great with such lovely paper and stamp. Hope you feel much better soon.
    Bye, Franka

  19. Oh so hope this finds you feeling much better! Hard to get crafty when you are feeling under the weather! Love that pretty color on your walls!

  20. thanks for the peek. Hope nothing too serious with your legs. No fun getting older... Have a great day

  21. love those colours, reminds me of the sea at home. It actually is very similar!
    Hope you are feeling better, and hope your daughter had a fab birthday BBQ

  22. Hello Elizabeth, I hope you are better today! Sounds awful! The paper for your daughter's card is lovely.Happy birthday to your daughter!

  23. Hope you are feeling better and don't have to go to the hospital! I love the wall color! I love bold and bright colors! Sorry I am so late getting around but once again life has interfered with what I want to do! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  24. ohoo Elizabeth, mint chutney sounds lovely! I'm going to have to re-pot my mint, it's growing so well! We found some crab apples today, so are looking for something we can do with them too! I'm behind on my woywwing as well, thought I'd have extra time this week, (Last week) but happens!! (Or blackberry picking happens!) Love your cards and that little white dresser is gorgeous with all your knickknacks on...I don't have a 'prober' dresser but something hubby made up and that's filled with every little 'thing' form tiny jars to mickey mouse cups and nodding horses!!
    Happy WOYWW!

  25. Hi Elizabeth
    Sorry to hear you've been struggling too but I hope your legs are better now! Love the colour on your walls - and the jugs on your dresser are fab....

  26. Wow loving the papers and ribbon. Gorgeous workspace. Kezzy x


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