Sunday, 21 August 2011

Queen Elizabeth Rose - A Perfect Stunner

Afternoon All,

Just had to share these two photos with you ...

This is the first bloom we've had from our new Queen Elizabeth hybrid rose bush. The EM decided to give our vegetable patch over to growing roses this year. Three reasons - he's getting on a bit, he's 73 this year, and has rheumatoid arthritis which gives him a bit of gyp making veg growing difficult at times, we can buy vegetables really cheaply at the market, and, best reason of all, we love roses. So we debated and cogitated and eventually chose three rose bushes - it's a really small growing patch - and one of them had to be this one, my favourite pink rose. And you can see why ... it's a beauty! To give some ground cover we planted some herbs and lavender around the roses ... this has worked really well, and the bonus is that we have herbs to use in cooking.

Just had a call, the EM is on his way home ... yippee! The Boss and I have missed him ... she has been searching every nook and cranny looking for him, and been quite vocal about it too :) So, I'm off to cook up a treat for his return.


Annie said...

What a stunning rose. I can almost smell it from here....or am expecting too much for it to be beautiful and have a lovely scent?
A x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Beautiful roses there! I'm having a pergola built in my garden and will have to buy some scented climbing roses for it. They are one of my favourite flowers :) Thank you for the link to the bias binding machine - blimey, never knew such a thing existed. Have to save up my pennies for that one! LL Jan xx PS Great meatloaf recipe, def going to try that !!

Bernie said...

Oh I have a Queen Elizabeth and love it. Poor thing took quite a beating from the storng winds this spring as did all my roses but all are recovering and the QE just about to bloom. Enjoy!
Blessings Bernie

Jules said...

Hi Elizabeth

Such beautiful roses .. .. we are in the process of slowly making the most of our garden and have grown lots of veggies this year.

I am hoping we will do even more next year and get some roses into some of the other areas that are in need of a little love and attention.

After all this time hubby has finally fallen in love with gardening!! Yippee!!

Have a good week.

Love Jules xx

Jackie said...

What a beautiful rose and great photographs :o)
Jackie xx

Sarn said...

Oh WOW . . . what a perfect rose and SUCH a pretty colour. Totally lovely.

Hugs, Sandra

Alex said...

Beautiful pictures Elizabeth, stunning rose. I bet the lavender smells lovely too when the wind blows :)

Hope you're well.

Alex x

Franka Benjaminsen said...

What a beautiful rose. We love roses too and since we moved to this part of the Netherlands they grow much better in our garden. They moved from poor sand to rich clay soil. Enjoy this lovely blooming period.

Di said...

That's one of my favourite roses - and so appropriate with your name too. We have one here too - beautiful photo! Di xx