Thursday, 2 January 2014

WOYWW 239 - The New Year One

The EM, the Boss and I 
would like to wish 
Julia, all WOYWWers, Followers and friends
Happy and Crafty 2014.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, to be so late to the New Year WOYWW party but yesterday was an incredibly busy day spent catching up with family living far away ... yes, yesterday was a day of phone calls to faraway places. In fact, I've been so busy the craft room has been very neglected. So there's not much to see ... the desk has just become a dumping ground for crafty mail, magazines and notebooks. The pad of American Crafts was too much of bargain in the C&C sale, working out at 25p a 12x12 sheet, that I just had to make it one of my last purchases for 2013. The Simplicity pattern is for kitchen accessories ... I have in mind a toaster cover and hoping to adapt the design for the breadmaker cover to fit the halogen oven and the slow cooker ... well that's the plan, whether it ever gets done is quite another thing!

The only other thing worth mentioning is my new pretty floral covered FiloFax ... very clever of Santa to know that I wanted one instead of a diary this year :)  Back in the day, BR - before retirement, I had a rather impressive Planner Pad each year, without which I simply could not function. But AR - after retiring, 4 years ago, I've been using a small personal diary. Problem with them is that have to be renewed every year so any information that I wanted to carry on to the next year had to be transferred from one dairy to the next ... such a pain! The answer is the Filofax - it has sections for everything including birthdays & anniversaries, and addresses in A-Z index tabs ... everything I will ever need. All I will have to do at the end of 2014 is simply renew the year planner and dairy pages. Admittedly I will have to transfer addresses and birthdays but it is for the last time.

The plan today is too catch up with Julia and go snooping around your desks even though it's a day late. And maybe I'll squeeze in a bit of scrapping later.

Wishing you a first week of the year.


  1. Happy New Year Elizabeth! I agree, thats the one thing I hate about diaries- remembering to transfer all the occasions. And then remembering to check it regularly! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #31 xx

  2. Well, you've got some lovely things on your desk..that floral Filofax is really pretty! And the papers..well, it just had to be done. Tell you what though, after starting to sort out my stash, I have vowed that I am not going to buy anymore until I have used up at least half if what I've got already!! And I am going to stick to that!
    Thank you for all the lovely comments and support this past year...may 2014 be full of fun, happiness and crafty mayhem :-)
    Hugs and Happy New Year,
    LLJ 29 xx

  3. Happy New Year Elizabeth and family :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. Hello Elixabeth. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year to you, EM and the boss :-) Anne x @ 35

  5. Can't believe you are even later than me to the party. Glad you made it though. Lovely filofax well done EM. BJ#77

  6. Hi Elizabeth,

    Is the Filofax the pretty floral looking book in the middle of your desk? How nice to be retired!!

    It sounds like you had a nice holiday.


  7. Happy New Year, Elizabeth. What a clever Santa you have up there in the North!! Gorgeous looking Filofax - enjoy.
    Margaret #12

  8. Happy New Year and WOYWW! And thanks for visiting! You have quite the goals of making covers for your small appliances. Would look a lot better than just throwing a pretty towel over them (like I do... LOL!).
    Carol N #50

  9. I love my Filofax. Hubby got me a purple leather personal one a few years ago after having several smaller ones previous in browns and blacks. Love it. Even though I can use my phone which I do, but it doesn't hold notes!
    Great bargain there with your paper. On a stash ban right now as I am hoping to visit NY later this year and also need more space!
    Hugs and Happy New Year to you.

  10. Happy New Year, Elizabeth and Happy New Home too. Yes, I know.... very late but my New Years resolution is to be a better blogger so I'm catching up with everyone at last.
    I hope you had a lovely Christmas and survived the wild weather.
    Love the look at that paper pad, very delish and the filofax is so pretty. I love my little diary, couldn't live without it but like you say you have to transfer info each year!
    Enjoy your new things.
    Hugs Lisax

  11. ah lovely desk Elizabeth!!

    ... funny isn't how much nicer someone else's looks :D

    Shaz in Oz.x Thanks for popping over too! #2

  12. Oh Elizabeth, I meant to say too re the CC Tied together 5 x 7" folder it was at my limit for a larger folder... $AU11.99 on eBay with $AU1.20 post.

    ... and that is about 6 pounds or $US10.50...if had been another dollar dearer would not have bought it, as on my limit.
    It was available only in Oz, which helped post cost. When had looked before it was too dear then this one popped up :D Shaz.xx

  13. Happy New Year Elizabeth - hope it's a healthy and very crafty one! x Jo

  14. Thanks for your visit today, Elizabeth. Don't forget to watch the Clarity shows tomorrow on Create and craft. There is some lovely stuff on show, new and older, including the skyline masks. Your little friend looks so cosy and comfortable. Hope your weather is not too bad at the moment. Take care. xx Maggie

  15. How's this for being tardy to the WOYWW party?!! Mister's been home for two weeks over the holiday and it's interfering with my visiting, bless him!! I'll have to look into getting one of those Filofax books for myself - it sounds like just the ticket!! Happy Belated WOYWW and thanks for coming by my place!! Hugs, Darnell #9

  16. Wow, that is an amazingly clean and organized work space!! I'm envious! LOL, Pat #81

  17. I hope you are able to get into the craftroom again soon. Thank you for visiting my site earlier. April #60

  18. Happy New year and happy very belated WOYWW! I would love a Filofax myself.
    Tertia #21

  19. I am only a week behind, but Happy new Year to you and yours, ie the Boss, EM and you of course. Love the FILO fax but I have to have a tiny diary myself, hope you are ok with this weather.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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