Friday, 24 January 2014

My Friday Smiles

Evening Folks

It's late and I will be disappearing downstairs to have a cuppa and watch Silent Witness in 10 minutes but I just had join in with Annie at A Stitch in Time and share a few of the things that have made me smile this week.

Firstly, on New Year's Day it is something of a tradition of mine to pop out to the garden and just note what, if anything, is in flower that day. This year, of course, this was in a garden that, though new to us, is an old neglected one and we really don't know what treasures, if any, there are hidden among the weeds. And truth to tell the only flowering plants we found were the ones we brought in pots with us, for example our pot of Christmas Roses (Hellebore Niger).
Needless to say, they did not flower for Christmas, but on New Year's day I discovered this cluster of buds - the promise of things to come.
And this week they look like this - simply stunning :)

After all the horrible weather we've endured this winter it was really pleasant to have the sun come out briefly on Tuesday.
And this massive tree that we share with our neighbour, I think it's a sycamore but won't be sure until it's in leaf, looks beautiful against the blue, blue sky :)

And finally...
... I can't help smiling at this. How does The Boss manage to sleep sitting up and squeezed into such a small corner of my messy desk :)

Hope you all found a lot to smile about this week too.

Have a happy week everyone,


Annie said...

It looks like we have both been hunting for treasure in nature this week :-)
Annie x

Sue said...

Great photo's Elizabeth and Silent Witness is amazing I love watching it! Can't wait for next weeks, thanks for joining in our challenge too have a great weekend huggles Sue xx

Sandra H said...

Hi Elizabeth, How lovely to see something in bloom at this time and with the weather having been so blustery and wet!! l like you have recently moved so we are not sure what will grow and show it's appearence nice and colourful l'm hoping for......Oh the boss looks well established with him self and sat so well in his corner looks settled too l have 3 cats and they haven't been out yet waiting for the back of the garden to be finished its like a builders yard at the moment too wet to walk on with all of the rain its like a mud bath hope you have a lovely weekend xx

Krisha said...

Hi Elizabeth,
It has been so very unseasonably warm here in California, that the farmers are really starting to worry. We had had two days of almost 80' and WIND! I have been out trying to keep things watered.

I went to prune my hydrangeas and they have started to bud, but had to prune anyway. They are two months early!! Have daffodils almost ready to bloom.......way to early.

This is normally one of our coldest and wettest months and nothing this year. No rain, now snow pack in the mountains, just hot and DRY!

You cat almost looks like a porcelain figure. LOL I can't believe he is asleep!
Aren't pets just the best for making you smile?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I stopped by yesterday and tried to leave a comment. When I did, Blogger told me I had to log in. I was already logged in, but apparently Blogger didn't think so. So when I tried, I couldn't get to my Dashboard. I rebooted THREE times and finally got to my dashboard again. I've had it with Blogger.

Aren't cats funny when they "cat nap?" Such an adorable photo of The Boss. And those Christmas Roses now in bloom remind me that late is better than never (sort of like my comment for Friday Smiles).

Mrs A. said...

Have noticed blogger is playing around a bit as well. Even though we are with the postal preference service they still sneak through and the telephone preference service Too. The Doc always ask for their names and then tells them he is going to report them along with their bosses. The line goes dead pretty darn quick then!!! Hugs Mrs a.

Twiglet said...

Reminds me of the poem...
Cats sleep anywhere
Any table any chair....
Yes our Helebore is just ready to open any day now - I think this wild wintery weather this weekend has put it off!

Hettie said...

Sounds like you are settling in nicely, including the Boss! I have mixed status on my Hellebores. Some are flowering and have been for a few weeks, some are in bud and one has nowt at all!
Thank goodness for our pets to make us laugh ey!
Hope you had a nice bit of Haggis last night! I was dancing the night away and dancing a solo Flora MacDonald's Fancy!!