Friday, 3 January 2014

Friday's Smile

Hi Everyone,

It's blowing a gale here in Ayrshire, again! This is what it's like in Ardrossan, a few miles up the coast, the town my daughter lives in ...

... fortunately she lives higher up and so has not been affected by the floods. However, being high up means she is worried that the gales will blow down her fence, again! And there doesn't seem to be any hope of an end to it any time soon so it's just as well we have photos of this wee chap to make us smile.
Let me introduce you to Ollie. Isn't he adorable :) My 13 year old granddaughter, Jolene, was given him for Christmas. Her wish was for a dog, a lizard or a Play Station 4 ... as you can see the dog won.
He is a Llaso Apso and he already knows how photogenic he is ... he's a real wee poser :)

Want to see what is making others smile this Friday? Hop on over to Annie's (aka. Wipso) place, A Stitch In Time, and join in the smiley fun :)

I'm off to switch on the lights ... its 3.10 in the afternoon and getting dark already!

Take care everyone and stay safe.


Nan G said...

Bbbbrrrr looks cold and nasty outside. So much better to be I snuggling with the adorable fur baby. He's a cutie alright. Happy new year.

Annie said...

Little Ollie looks adorable and certainly made me smile. I've had a few moments whilst packing up all our stuff as you can imagine but we are both really looking forward to our new adventure so are looking forward rather than back....let's hope we get moved sooner rather than later :-)
Annie xxxx

Laura said...

It's a bit like that here too, again we are high-ish so we are OK at the moment.
Ah, Ollie is so sweet. I'd love an Ollie of my own! :)

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Elizabeth you might like to know it isn't any better here in the south, rain , gales, hale, flooding and train disruption. Roll on spring I say
At least you have that gorgeous pup to make you smile

Spyder said...

Not too far from us they've had floods and it's still blowing a the little cutie pup ! Happy Friday Smiles!
Happy New Year!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah just so ultra cute tthere, Elizabeth.. we had strong winds last night, too, but hot northerly (like your southerly wind) winds not cold - in five mins went from 25c to 33c outside..
...thankfully we shut the house up and so kept cool!
Was praying no bushfires, as they were those sort of winds and we have not had much rain.
The blessing of LORD for 2014, Elizabeth.
Am off for quick peek at your desk :D Shaz in Oz.x

Hettie said...

OMG! I think your GD got the BEST present. You cannot cuddle a lizard or Play Station! Isn't Ollie just the cutest little one.
The floods are epic aren't they. I hope your daughter is ok.

Darnell said...

You are so right, Elizabeth, Ollie is a true vain character! Look at how he is holding his adorable little paws!! Your granddaughter must be over the moon about him!! Happy New Year and I hope the weather calms down soon! Hugs, Darnell

Sandra H said...

Oooooh so adorable he is and the weather isn't getting any better Elizabeth l hope it's not going to be too much disruption for all those who have already been effected xx

Jackie said...

Thank goodness your daughter lives high up, better to have the fence blow down that the house flooded!
What a cute little pup, lovely photographs, well worthy of scrapping :o)
Jackie xx

Di said...

Ooooh, Ollie is gorgeous! Still raining down here, sigh.



Jules said...

Hi Elizabeth

I hope you had a good Christmas and wish you all the best for 2014.

What a gorgeous little dog. He is going to be far more fun than a lizard or a Play Station 4 I'm sure.

Love Jules xx

mamapez5 said...

I hope both you and your daughter stayed safe during the stormy weather. little Ollie is so cute. i can see he will soon be a family favourite. Kate x