Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WOYWW 242 - graveling not crafting

Afternoon Everyone,

Wednesday, the day for revealing our desks to Julia, for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) over at the Stamping Ground, not to mention a hundred or so other interested crafters ... usually. But not today! This morning the weather cleared long enough for the EM and I to do a bit of light gardening ... not!
The driveway, though graveled, had turned into a mud bath over the winter, especially at the entrance, so the EM ordered a ton of gravel, delivered yesterday.
Man at work! The EM preparing to shovel gravel into the wheelbarrow.
Woman at work! A rare sighting of the lesser spotted Silvercrafter in yellow ... my unfavourite colour. However, this yachting jacket, ancient and unloved though it is, is the perfect protection for rainy day gardening.
And here's the abandoned craftdesk. I'm mid sorting out the stamp collection which had got into a right muddled mess over the last few months. This album is for those stamps that are categorised, admitted very roughly, as flora and fauna. An album of Christmas stamps was sorted out yesterday. That still leaves an awful lot of stamps to be sorted and put away but that will be after the driveway graveling is done :)

I hope you are all well and enjoying a wonderful WOYWW. We've been rained off for now so I'm going to take advantage of this unexpected time out and do a bit of blog hopping while I have the chance.

Take care, stay dry, and happy crafting,


  1. Love the lesser spotted silver scrapper...a rare breed I'd say :-)
    Hugs Annie x #39

  2. That is a day of hard labor, but you are going to love the finished drive I'm sure.

    We need the rain here so bad this year. Hasn't rained since November and the farmers are really starting to worry about the up coming hot months. Along with the no rain comes the very poor air quality :( I would gladly trade you a week of sun shine for a week of rain!

    I really need to sort some stamps too. I've started a dozen times, get distracted by a stamp I haven't seen in quite awhile, give it a quick try, then.......well that is usually the end of the sorting. LOL
    Have a great week.
    Krisha #13

  3. Hi Elizabeth! I'm the next in line at WOYWW and thought I'd pop in and say Hi! Hope you're getting your graveling done. Looks like hard work! Lots of people have a ton of SNOW today and can't even see their driveways! Take it easy.

  4. Great pic of you! Hope the weather held off so you can get it finished. Take care Zo xx 59

  5. Lol at the lesser spotted comment! I don't like yellow much either, but I can't explain why!! It's such a happy cheerful colour but one I would never choose :-)
    You and EM did a fab job gravel spreading!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xx

  6. Krisha, I would gladly trade a week of our seemingly endless rain for some of your sunshine. However, I don't think that the human race should have any control over the weather - the powers that be cannot be trusted with lesser projects. Elizabeth, I hope you managed to get your gravel all into place in time. I got diverted from sorting my stamps etc out by the non-delivery of my new computer monitor, and then by the need to do the Winterwatch 3 day bird table survey. Must do better tomorrow. xx Maggie #21

  7. Hi Elizabeth, lovely shot of your garden. Sorting and organising- I swear we crafters spend as much time doing that as actually using the products- especially stamps. I have re-organised mine a few times now- trying to find the 'perfect system'! Some by manufacturer, if I have a lot of their stamps- sometimes by theme, like your flora & fauna- its still a work in progress. Christmas theme is the only easy one to define, I think. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #31 XX

  8. Hi Elizabeth - looks like very hard work to me! Good to see photo of you! I've given up sorting out my stamps- just can't find solution I'm happy with . Anne x # at 58 last time I looked!

  9. Sorting out stamps...... Ohh my favourite job in the craft room....... If I lived near I would come and help!
    Hope the drive is all finished and sorted out now so you can get back to those stamps
    Jackie 33

  10. it's always good to get outdoors for a physical project once in a while. a good hot toddy is in order after.

  11. Wow, what a big job. I remember what I felt like after a day moving that stuff. You have my sympathy. It will be nice when all done. That desk looks like it is calling you. Peg R #91

  12. Yikes, look at that work needing done in the winter. Yuk! Brigita #92

  13. You must scrap these fabulous photographs Elizabeth :o)
    Jackie xx

  14. I can see why you. Lounge erred to help with the gravel rather than sort stamps.
    Hope you are happy with your new drive, it looks good.
    Hugs, Neet 87 xx

  15. Pheww! Hope you both managed to treat yourselves to a hot chocolate or a hot toddy after all that hard work!!
    Margaret #7

  16. Not sure why I didn't stop by on Friday when Blogger was being nice, but I'm here now to return the WOYWW visit. For being number 1 this week, I'm not very good at keeping up.

    Looks like hard work, and I hope you didn't get cold or wet. Looks like you took a super photo in that yellow slicker, though. Again, happy very belated WOYWW.


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