Sunday, 25 July 2021

Scrap Page 24/2021

 Hello Again Everyone,

Surprise, surprise! Posting two days on the trot is almost unheard of these days but I'm hopeful I'll be able to surprise you more and more as things get easier around Casa Worthington.  I can but hope. So here's page #24 in the backlog of scrap pages.

Shine Bright

The photo is of my daughter looking incredibly cute for a school photo day. The little dress she is wearing was made by yours truly back in the days when I did a lot of dressmaking. It's in a style that was very fashionable then - think 'Little House on the Prairie'. It has the addition of a front pocket for her to keep the body worn hearing aids she had back in the 1970s. She was the happiest of little girls despite her disabilities.

The patterned papers were, I remember, freebies in a scrapbook magazine that's now no longer published. I fussy cut some of the butterflies from the paper for embellishments, as was the birdcage which I have placed cunningly to cover most of the damage up in that corner of the photo. I know I might have been able to Photoshop the damage but I decided that I wanted to preserve it as is for sentimental reasons ... it was one of the many photos I took with me to Wellesley College, MA, US, when I studied there, and so got taped up in a collage I had on the door of my room. My fellow students all had similar collages on their doors.. It was they who introduced me to their style of scrapping - absolutely nothing like the scrapbooking I did as a kid in Scotland!

And finally, here's a kitty photo for those of you who love cats.
I'd like to say she took to the harness and lead like a duck to water but, no, it was never going to work. This little kitty has a mind of her own and it doesn't embrace being trussed up. She now goes out unencumbered but she's so nervous she will only go out as long as one of us is there to escort her. Funny wee thing. 

That's it from me today. Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. 

Many thanks, as always, for visiting and any comments are much appreciated too.


dutchess said...

Hi Elizabeth …a real treasure of a scrap page…and loving the pictures of the kitten…so sweet.
I hope you are both getting a bit better each day…slow but progress….take care xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Hi Margaret, your page is gorgeous and what a sweetie your daughter is...I'm sure she still is, and as for the kitty, so adorable. My boy too has a mind of his own, I've never known a cat so thrawn, Kate x

Sandra H said...

Ooh super cute x