Saturday, 24 July 2021

Scrap Page 23/2021

Hello Everyone,

Happy Saturday to you all. As the situation here hasn't changed all that much since I last posted I won't dwell on it, except to say I haven't made a scrapbook page in forever! So I'm still posting pages made way back at the beginning of the year. Here's #23.

Fun Photograph

The photo, as if you couldn't guess, is a selfie. I'm not very practiced in taking selfies, mainly because I'm not keen on photos of myself anyway, but after this one was cropped and changed to black and white - the fun bit - I decided it wasn't too terrible. I've used several pretty patterned paper scraps for the layout; the large pink flower was punched from scraps too. The other embellishments and alphas for the title were from old stash. I tried my hand at framing the layout with black pen lines - one day I'll get those lines right!

I'm actually stealing time today to be here in the craftroom hoping to actually make a page or two. As long as there's not too many interruptions from our 'toddler' kitten ... she's clearly reached the terrible twos ... I should be okay.

Here she is in the craftroom, on top of my turret of patterned paper, batting my decs and totally unaware that she could bring the whole lot down like a house of cards.

That's it from me today. I hope you are all well and if, like us, 'enjoying' extremely hot and humid weather, you are staying hydrated and slapping on the Factor 50. 

Many thanks, as always, for visiting and any comments are much appreciated too. 

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cuilliesocks said...

Your kitty is gorgeous Elizabeth, having lots of fun there.
Also your page is so pretty, a great selfie too. Take care, Kate x