Monday, 12 July 2021

In A Vase On Monday - Minty Peas

 Hello Everyone,

Long time no see. We're still living, and dealing, with the affects of Long Covid so there's very little time/energy/inclination for flower arranging, not to mention all the other associated pleasures of gardening. The EM has been in hospital again, this time with severe heart failure. He's improved but is by no means recovered. It will take time. 

One of the EM's favourite vegetables is garden peas with mint and thinking of that led to today's title. The idea of putting the two together was inspired by the pot of sweet peas growing slap bang in the middle of the mint which I suspect has been established since the 1950s, when the house was built. I thin it out every year and back it comes as prolific as ever. 

For the vase enthusiasts, this one is from a set of two manufactured at the Poole Pottery. They were bought for the bargain sum of 50p at a church table sale about thirty years ago. 

That's it for now. Thanks for visiting and commenting - so much appreciated, especially during this difficult time, when I'm finding it difficult to interact as I would like. I hope you all understand. 

Bye for now,


dutchess said...

Hello Elizabeth,so glad to hear about what’s going on with you both and hoping for slow but sure improving health for you both…lovely to see your vase of flowers with the mint,some how one of mine has died this winter…I collect lots of different varieties and this one was my favourite….so a trip to the Yorkshire lavender centre for me to get some more mint plants….
Take care xxxx

LesleyG said...

Sorry to hear your news, hope he feels better soon. Lovely sweet peas , take care xxx

Sandra H said...

Ooh sweet peas give of so much fragrance they look lovely x