Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 321

Hello Everyone,

I've been a really bad desker, and blogger, recently and for that I apologise. There's just been such a lot going on with family and friends which has kept me from participating and, truth to tell, my desk has been in such a state of chaos you really wouldn't have wanted to see it.
However, I've got myself organised again and so, whilst not much is going on, it is looking a lot tidier today. And, yes, that is sunlight you see coming from the direction of the window - such a nice change. I'm finally getting around to doing something with that flower photo I printed off a few weeks ago. It's still in the planning stage but I'm getting there. The diary, right back, is there just because I like the kitten on the front. The picture top centre is from one of our local newspapers and is of my grandson, his partner and their baby ... I need to put it in the family history album. The pile of photos, to the right, are there to be scrapped ... could be while yet. And that is about it ... everything else you've probably seen before.

Edit Note: Having been asked the question I thought I'd better explain why a photo of my grandson, his partner and their newborn son, my great grandson, appeared in the local paper ... it is that our local papers publish photos of all newborns in the area ... a lovely thing to do.

Our head desker, Julia, she of the Stamping Ground, has a wrist injury, is in a splint, and yet has still managed to type! How dedicated is that!?!? I hope, Julia, that you recover very quickly. In the meantime, feel free to 'whine' as much as you like :)

Right, I'm off to do a bit of desk hopping before the dinner gong sounds.

I wish you all a great week and happy crafting.


shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Elizabeth, and hugs to The Boss. That really is a gorgeous flower picture, and the kitten is so sweet, I can understand why you keep it there to look at!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xx

Annie said...

I love that flower pic Elizabeth...and I love the sunshine even's been sooooo cold here today.
Annie x # 22

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh thank you Elizabeth - I've obviously made such a fuss that you cant be allowed to forget! I've taken the splint off to type, so I get about half an hour at a time of freedom from discomfort - it's all coming good.
I do love that photo, it really is a beauty! I'm glad that you collect the newspaper clippings for the family, but how I want to know,did their pic come to be in the paper at all?

Julia Dunnit said...

Well I obviously did make such a fuss! It's slowly getting better E, thanks - am without splint so that I can type at a reasonable speed! I do love that photograph, it's a real beauty, the mount colours are really good. So what did your lovely grandson do to get his family in the paper? As it includes the baby, I'm going to assume the picture doesnt tell of anything nefarious!!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It's ok, that's the beauty of desking...we can have breaks and then people are glad to see us back! I've been having a busy old time too. I'm glad you liked my holiday pics...Shrewsbury is a really lovely town, I heartily recommend a visit there.
How lovely that your family appeared in the local paper, I know you'll do something clever with the clipping :-)
Hugs, LLJ 16 xx

Barb said...

I love the flower picture at the front. Is it a card or an album. How lovely to have a news clipping of your grandson and his family. That will be something special to scrapbook. Have a lovely week. Barb#33 x

Lisca said...

Yes, that flower picture is stunning and the card you are making is going to be stunning too.
I'm glad you're having a nice day weather wise. You're not having a nice summer at all from what I understand.
Have a good week,

Bridget Larsen said...

The sun does at a nice touch to any room. all that vitamin C. What a great keepsake that newspaper announcement will be for the scrapbook
Bridget #1

Neet said...

Isn't it funny how so many of us are suckers for kittens? I have a wooden stamp that I have taken the rubber from but still have the block on display. Now figure that one out - it is a kitten and I think it is so cute.
Congrats on the grandson having a baby - well his partner actually - doh!
Well, the sun is shining here this morning but the ground is wet through - is the rain going to stay away or what? It poured down (really bad rain) last night as we were coming home along the motorway, quite frightening really. We have not had much summer here in the north of England so I need to go away where there is ore guarantee of sunshine.
Hugs, Neet 25 xx
ps tickles under the chin to The Boss

Artatag said...

Oh Elisabeth, I love to see a chaotic desk! Tells much more than a cleaned up space. Beautiful flower card!
Gabriele 12

Twiglet said...

Beautiful flower photo you are using there Elizabeth. I love the local newspaper idea too - so lovely to celebrate all this new life! Hope you are well. Sending you a hug. x Jo

Pat said...

Lovely to see what's been happening in your craft room Elizabeth and congratulations on your new great grandson, how exciting! Thank you for your lovely comment too. x