Monday, 27 July 2015

In A Vase On Monday - Stately Lilies

We continue to have the most dismal weather here in not so sunny Ayrshire. In fact I gave up waiting for a dry spell today ... it wasn't going to happen ... dawned a raincoat and nipped out to collect a few stems of my favourite lilies to put in a vase so that I could join in with Cathy's very popular meme - In A Vase On Monday. Look closely and you can see raindrops glistening on the petals.

I've had these stunning dark red lilies growing in a large pot for several years now. I've long forgotten their name but I believe they are an Asiatic variety. Some years they have bloomed better than others - this year is a very good year ... they must like the rain. There's three stems in the vase.
I've added one stem of this pretty pale pink Lily Elodie to the, for the want of a better term, 'arrangement' ... I think you probably know by now that I don't arrange, I plonk! Unlike the nameless red lily, Elodie is new to me and this is the first year of flowering. I was tempted by the description that she is pollen free. Ideal for cutting but, on reflection, not much good for insects.  

I've added just a few stems Ammi, two varieties, Majus and Visnaga, to the vase ... it was too wet to go looking for anything else that might be suitable.

Here's the vase on top of the stove, which we refuse to use even though the temperature has dropped down so far that our central heating boiler has turned itself on and we've donned fleeces to keep warm. I can't recall a Scottish summer being this cold since 1985. 

Happily, the flowers don't seem to notice the cold and our garden couldn't be more colourful. Our patch of annuals is particularly floriferous at the moment and looks lovely when the sun shines ... however brief that is.

 Happy Gardening,


Hannah said...

Your lilies look sensational, they must like the cold. The red one matches your pitcher flower decorations. The little Ammi flowers add a nice touch too. I like it cold so I have to say I am envious. It's supposed to get back into the 90's again here soon. Lovely flowers!

Anonymous said...

Lovely vase of Lillies, that is a beautiful red that I haven't seen before.

Carole Pollard said...

Stunning lilies they certainly brighten a very rainy day thank you hugs Carole x

Donna said...

Beautiful lilies even with the colder weather hitting you already! My lilies have been few and far between.

Anonymous said...

We always take jumpers up to my Mum's even in summer and I was back wearing tights again while we were there too! Your lilies are lovely, especially Elodie (which I have this year too because there is an -ahem!- connection with them and The Poppet, my granddaughter...).Ammi is great as an accompaniment to summer vases, isn't it? Thanks for sharing.