Friday, 31 July 2015

Friday Smile ... Week 130

Morning Everyone,

It's been a very mixed week personally, some good, some bad - mostly bad, so it's something of a relief to get to Friday and look back on what actually made me smile for Annie's happy meme over at A Stitch In Time. And it wasn't so difficult after all.
First up is this collage of photos showing this adorable twosome, my great-grandchildren, having a great time making their own sand art - with a lot of help from their papa and gran, SIL and DD. Rhian looks very proud of the little figure she has drawn and Brodie was fascinated to see his name written in the sand.

Next up are these strawberries growing in a hanging basket. There was only a few but they were deliciously sweet - better than any shop bought strawberries.

And who wouldn't smile at the sight of this bright and cheerfully rose aptly named Rock and Roll. The name brings to mind my fifties childhood when rock and roll took the country by storm. I have wonderful memories of my teenage relatives, of which there was quite a number, rolling back the carpet in my grandparents living room, putting Elvis Presley's Hound Dog on the wind up record player and showing a 5 year old me how to jive and rock and roll. Wonderful memories and all sparked by such a fun flower :)

Finally, my joke of the day ... another episode from Donald.

Donald decided he was not feeling too well so he took himself off in the old LandRover to see Dr McPherson, the local Medical Practitioner.

McPherson asked him what was wrong and then interrogated Donald on his lifestyle.

'How much exercise do you take each day?' enquired of McPherson.

'I'm on the hill from dawn to dusk!' replied Donald proudly.

'How many cigarettes do you smoke each day?' asked McPherson.

'None, Doctor! I have smoked a pipe all my life!' replied Donald.

'Now Donald', says McPherson, 'How many units of alcohol do you drink each week?'

Donald thought very carefully about this, and having got the answer firmly in his mind after counting all his fingers, asked McPherson:

'How many bottles in a unit, Doctor?'

Hope that tickled you :)

So not such a bad week after all. It's a certainty that the little ones in the family will always make me smile just as my garden is also a great source of pleasure.

Have a smiley weekend,


Annie said...

I love all your smiles Elizabeth and reall hope next week brings many more smiles and many less worries.
Biggest hugs,
Annie xxxx

tilly said...

it's always fun to write in the sand no matter what you age and the rose is so pretty

Art Joy of Sharing with Peg and Shel said...

I'm smiling.

Barb said...

Love the sand art pics, and well done Brodie for writing his name so well. That rose is beautiful. The name does sound apropriate. You made me smile today. Barbxx

JoZart Designs said...

Great smlies and love that rose. I might look out for one in the garden centres.... it really rocks!
Jo x

Lisca said...

You've got loads of smiles for a not-so-good week! Your great grandies are gorgeous and the rock 'n roll memories precious. I remember watching Bill Hailey's rock around the clock on the only tv set in the neighbourhood. We all came to watch. (the word teenager wasn't coined yet but the adults had obviously decided it was a thing for the youngsters.) Happy memories.
The Donald joke is funny. And I love that rose!
Happy Friday,

Twiglet said...

A happy post Elizabeth - I really love the sand artists - what fun! x Jo

Carole Pollard said...

Great post I always have a good laugh at your joke Thank you love and hugs Carole x

Betty Wright said...

What a fabulous post! Fantastic pics! Thanks so much for sharing!

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Elizabeth...yes the little folk in our lives as a source of much smiling and joy... nice fun on the beach with your two ggc. Have a lovely weekend, Robyn

Anne said...

Love the beach photos - I always feel better on the beach or in the garden. Sorry to hear you have had a bad week. Hope next week is better. Anne x

Pat said...

Hi Elizabeth. How lovely to see your great-grandchildren enjoying the beach and those strawberries look delicious. I think home grown things always taste that much better, and as for that rose, what a fabulous colour and it reminds me of Rosa Mundi, I think that's what it's called, but that is pink with cream. x