Saturday, 11 July 2015

Friday Smile 127 - on Saturday

Good Morning Everyone

Friday went by in a bit of a blur so, I'm afraid, it has to be Saturday for my Friday Smile, Annie.

I've no cute photos of my adorable grandchildren/great-grandchildren this week. Instead, as it is my garden that is giving me such pleasure at the moment, I have a few photos of that to share.

Looking down towards the scree bed which has now been somewhat taken over and become the Lavender bed. The pink flower is a lovely cistus that just keeps blooming. The plant in the foreground is an astilbe which will be a blaze of red very soon.
This is a patch sown with annuals which has finally come into it's own, with marigolds, poppies, borage, blue flax, corncockle, dill and fennel, to name but a few ... I just threw in several packets of seeds and waited to see what came up :)

And finally, for now, a pink rose planted by the EM shortly after we moved in - 20 months ago.
It is now known as Alan's Pink Rose, because it was planted before he knew the value of holding on to the labels and we can't remember it's real name :) Nevertheless, it is simply stunning and the perfume is divine.

And now, here's my funny for this week:

The Burglar entered the darkened house, quietly.

Suddenly a voice shouted ' God is watching you'

He stayed silent for a moment and heard nothing, so moved and the voice shouted again, 'GOD IS WATCHING YOU'

Then... he saw the parrot. 'Was that you?' the burglar asked.

'Yes' replied the parrot, 'My name is St.Peter.'

'What fool would call a parrot St.Peter' the burglar said.

The parrot replied... 'The same fool who named our Doberman, God!'


I wish you all a wonderful weekend and that the week ahead brings you much to smile about.


Annie said...

Hehehe Love the joke of the week Elizabeth and really enjoyed the walk round your garden. It looks really colourful. I bet you've worked really hard to get it looking so lovely.
Annie x
ps I've linked you....sorry you're having so much trouble linking. xxx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Ooo, Elizabeth love Alan's pink rose, looks like one of the David Austin's...

Have just put my order in for this year roses as we are in winter and its planting time, they've been pruned and sprayed. Next working on rebuilding the soil, did a lot of digging out if soil where it was wet spot today.
Am getting four new ones, as lost or dug out three, and wanted particular ones do doing mail order.

Love your "red- pink patch" and "yellow throw and see what you get" patch, as well. :)
Shaz in Oz.x

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

Hettie said...

Your garden is beautiful Elizabeth. Thanks for sharing it.
Very good funny.

Carole Pollard said...

Great photos and I love the joke love and hugs Carole x

Jackie said...

Beautiful photographs Elizabeth, no wonder you get so much pleasure from your garden :o)
Jackie xx

Twiglet said...

Such a lovely garden view Elizabeth. The rose is beautiful - I am sure I can smell it. I loved the joke too. Have a happy Sunday - just a bit of blue sky here after overnight rain. x Jo

Alistair said...

Love your scree bed, I wonder if the Astilbe is Red Sentinel. Ha, Ha now that is a funny joke, must earn some brownie points from my grandson by telling him this one (I am the worlds worst joke teller)

Lynsey said...

Hi Elizabeth, your garden is so pretty! These are lovely photos!
Hugs Lynsey x