Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Till May is Out

Good Evening Everyone,

I just had to share this with you because it is so beautiful. I passed this hawthorn/mayflower on the way home from the hairdresser this afternoon and as I had my camera with me I couldn't let the opportunity pass to catch this beauty before it fades. The blossoms are just a frothy mass and highly perfumed - not caught in the photo are all the insects that were buzzing round, probably drunk with the nectar. When I was a child my grandmother often quoted the old adage, 'ne'er cast a clout, till may is out'. Then, I thought she was referring to the month of May, now, I know she meant the mayflower : )

Just a quick post but I'll be back later.


brenda said...

They are so gorgeous aren't they Elizabeth.

Our May is only just beginning to show colour, so a good week or so behind that in your picture.

Two of our paddocks have thorn hegdes, the blackthorn had already flowered, but my favourite is the whitethorn and I look forward to their beauty and scent evey year.

I could not resist blogging some of our garden blossoms a couple of days ago and there are more to come, such a wonderful time of year.

B x

Wiccababe said...

gorgeous! at first glance it looked like snow

lisa said...

Isn't it just a beautiful time of year, Elizabeth. I love the blossom and with this blue sky it's especially good this year.
You'll have a wonderful time at the Lovin Ink retreat, Michelle and Janet and the lovliest ladies and so generous with their time and craftiness, you'll learn loads. You'll have to let me know when you're coming, Bolton Abbey is only a few miles away from me and it'd be lovely to say Hi.
Hugs lisax

Jackie said...

It's lovely to see it. I grew up with this saying too :o)
Jackie xx