Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Blooming April + Our Wildlife Corridor

Good Evening Everyone,

Today has been glorious and too good a day to spend indoors - especially here on the west coast of Scotland, an area notorious for its wet climate. So I took a wee stroll round my tiny plot with my camera at the ready. The first thing I spotted was this auricula. Years ago the Under Gardener built an auricula theatre so that I could indulge my passion for these little beauties. Sadly, this is the only one I have - our local garden centres/nurseries don't seem to cater for auricula lovers. However, this one rewards me with it's pretty crimson and cream flowers year after year. Here are a few more of the flowers in bloom now.

Bellis in a window box

Wallflower among the poppy leaves

Pot grown Pieris Forest Flame

This Pieris has never had so much blossom on it - truly the best it has ever done in the 13 years it's been growing.

Red/white striped tulip

Sadly, I've forgotten the name of these tulips but they have survived in a pot over the last three very harsh winters. We have lost another pot and I do mean lost - I've looked all over the garden and it's nowhere to be seen. I suspect the Under Gardener got carried away with some over zealous clearing up in the autumn : (  

Golden Hop

And last but not least - our wildlife corridor.

The wild flower border
Last year we took over this unloved patch which is not strictly in our garden but borders on the communal path behind our house. It's owned and neglected by the local council but as our bins are kept there we kept it tidy. After seeing a programme on the desirability of creating wildflower areas to provide a wildlife corridor it seemed a good idea to plant this patch up with wildflowers. The soil is really poor as it is under some huge fir trees but we dug it over as best as we could - difficult work because it had been trampled on for years. I mixed up lots of packets of seeds, mostly wildflowers but a lot of annuals and even some perennials too, and broadcast them over the patch. Watered them in and left the rest to mother nature. Last summer it was covered in poppies but this is the first spring and look at the wallflower - I didn't expect that! The smell is divine and the insects are loving it too : )

If you've got this far, thank you for staying and I hope you enjoyed seeing my blooming garden!

Take care and good night.


Mau xx said...

What a delight Elizabeth, I have just taken a picture yesterday of my young Apple tree, its only 2yrs old this will be its 3rd summer we got 11 Bramleys 1st yr, 24 last year and this year who knows as we cannot believe the amount of blossom on it. It looks Beautiful, Thanks for sharing your lovely spot with us xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Wow! what gorgeous pickies Elisabeth thanks so very much for them all..Shaz in Oz.x

Angie said...

I love Pieris ...all of them ...never remember the names but I feel it is a plant that gives great pleasure in most of the seasons ...I have 3 different ones.... adore the scent of wallflowers too

Jackie said...

Lovely photographs Elizabeth. Isn't it lovely to see how Spring has really sprung now :o)
Jackie xx

Gez Butterworth said...

Beautiful, beautiful flowers Elizabeth. Thank you so much for sharing. The wildflower border is gorgeous too :)

Thank you for your lovely blog comments. Can't wait to see your scraplings. Have fun & a wonderful Easter. Gez.xx

Angie said...

I wish you luck grave hunting next year ....I did that a few years back but had no luck. I fyou have not been to Fife before ,I am sure you will fall in love with it as soon you cross the water. Loch Leven in close to where you are going ....have only been there once as I dont drive is beautiful.

coops said...

stunning pics have a really beautiful garden :D

xx coops xx

Carrie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I love gardens, flowers, wildlife and your garden looks like a treasure trove of beautiful specimens of nature. THank you so much for posting these pictures, it is so lovely to see people's gardens springing into bloom.