Wednesday 1 December 2010

WOYWW - Week 78 or is it Week 77?

I'm confused and don't really know what week it is, Julia says Week 77 but by my calculations it's Week 78.
Whatever, another week gone in a blur! So much to do and so little time and here we are at another Wednesday and this is what my desk is like right now - haven't done a thing so far to make it look any better : (

This pic was taken at 8.30am this morning and the light was terrible but hopefully you can see enough of the detail. At the front is the makings of the next card in the Alphabet series. There's the base,Tilda, some embellishments, and a bright red felt ornament - as Rolf Harris would say, 'can you guess what it is yet?'

To the right is some bits and pieces for a birthday card I have to make today. Leaning against my chicken cupboard are some stamps already coloured ready to be used - just awaiting further inspiration!

Featuring also is my latest crafting acquisition, a can of hairspray. Now, I don't use hairspray in the normal way so this had to be a special buy. I'm told it is a good idea to spray it over a piece of work featuring Perfect Pearls. This apparently fixes it so it won't rub off - also on projects with chalk. Will try it out when I find the time to experiment with the Perfect Pearls - soon I hope : )

Last week I showed you the ribbon stand my DH made for me and I bet you thought that was all the ribbon I have. You would be wrong if you did - amongst many faults I have a fetish for ribbon and buy it by the yard/metre whenever I see something pretty that shouts to me, you know, 'buy me, buy meee'. So here's another means of storage which, this time, I devised:

When DH constructed my workstation he added this panel at the left side, affixed hooks for scissors, templates, etc., and I later constructed this ribbon holder thingy from a binder ring and some card off-cuts with slots cut into them to thread the ribbon through.  I try to keep the ribbons filed roughly by colour on these cards. If it ever gets to much for one ring I can always start another.

That's my workdesk today and for those of you wondering what WOYWW is all about please step over to Julia's blog, Stamping Ground - link at the top of this post, where you can find others like myself revealing theirs.

In the meantime, bye for now,


Lionelsa said...

I think the morning picture is OK. I like your unfinished card. #81

Anonymous said...

Lol, you'd think that with all that snow on the ground your photos would be bursting with light! I've heard about the same technique for chalks etc, never tried it but that's what everyone swears by. I share your ribbon fetish too, and have quite a collection myself!

Brenda 90

Sherry said...

It's not your didgeridoo is it - LOL. I used to love watching Rolf Harris on TV when I was younger.

I've heard that cheap hairspray is a good sealant too - but I understood that Perfect Pearls have their own fixative built in and when mixed with water they don't need anything else? I may be wrong.

Your husband should have his own blog showing us how he makes all these wonderful things for you! I'd be his first follower ;)

Sherry (95)

nnalorac said...

Great for fixing printed digi images too. Love your work space. Carolxx

Lizzybobs said...

loving your busy crafty desk thanks for sharing with us today - lv Liz ps keep warm

Annie said...

It's suprising the things that get used on crafting desks :-)
A x

Terry said...

I like the binder ring idea. And the ornament-shaped card looks great so far.

Terry (24)

voodoo vixen said...

I use binder rings too but attached to small bags and the ribbon sits in them... I think your idea would probably be easier!! :)
Love the card you made your Aunt for her birthday, she will love it, I am sure.

akilli melek said...

i love ribbon too, it's one of the few things that we can buy cheap here. It's about 50p - £1 for a spool.

love the card with tilda sitting on the ribbon. Is that a felt ornament that you cut out or was it bought in pre-cut?

hope you are keeping roasty toasty
hugs and sunshine

Nicky said...

Love you desk and that card you are making is stunning - also cannot wait to see what you do with the images in the background - thank you for your comments on my blog really made me and DH laugh at the thought of your hubby remember his Morris - but his right about being able to work on them compared to modern cards. We have two mine Ernie the traveller and my hubbys (Ernies girlfriend)Emily a Morris Convertible whose been running us around nicely in the snow while I wait for Ernies parts to arrive when post starts to get through! Have a great week
Nicky ~30

Neet said...

Is that Tilda sitting on a bauble? Some interesting pictures at the back - promising some lovely cards.
Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing the cards when completed.

Angie said...

I have heard that about hairspray ...thanks for the reminder

Scrapcollectr said...

Hi... I heard from your muse. She's stuck in traffic and will be by very soon to help you with those images that need a place to go.... *smile*
Great ribbon storage and the card I spied on the desk looks cute....
Thanks for dropping by. I posted The Card on Thursday.
Have a toasty day!

Gez Butterworth said...

Wow you have a lovely neat & tidy workspace. Looks like you can find just what you're looking for. Love your finished card.xx

Cardarian said...

Well obviosly you are not that worried about snow - you probably get a bit of it in Scotland so must be used to it like we are - I still don't like it even if I am used to it! Your workspace has nice projects on there and I like your ribbonandeverythingelseholder!