Friday, 11 November 2022

Friday Smiles

Afternoon Everyone,

I'm a tad late in joining in with Annie's  Smile meme but that's because I've been emptying boxes this morning. I'm happy to report I've finally cleared all those that were on my desk! 

And given that I'm keeping on battling my way through the unpacking, opportunities for smiley moments are still few and far between. However, there's been a few moments.

Firstly, my daughter made a hair appointment for the two of us at her usual hairdresser, Kathleen's Hair Salon. 

Not a pretty sight! My daughter couldn't resist taking a couple of pics.
Better! I'm loving my new bob. 

And just this morning.
Silver helping me to unpack my Mind The Scrap kit! Like most cats, she finds boxes irresistible. 

Finally, if you didn't see yesterday's post here's another shot of me in my favourite hat. 
Guaranteed to make me smile. Unpacking isn't so bad when forgotten treasures, like this hat, are rediscovered. It's much too windy today, in fact it's been blowing a hooley here for days, to venture out with a hat like this one! 

We still have no internet and no sign of Openreach fixing the 'fault on the line', so posting anything at all is a bit hit and miss until it's all sorted. 

I hope you've all had a lovely week with much to smile about. 

Take care,



cuilliesocks said...

A great post Elizabeth, the photos are lovely. Photos in the hairdressers are always worth a smile as I've never seen anyone looking their best when under the stylist scissors. Your new bob looks lovely, and you fairly suit it. Love the hat too, fab colour, and Silver as gorgeous as ever Kate x

Iris Flavia said...

You look happy :-)
And Silver is a beaut, too.
Ohhh. I have a red hat, too. The sun made it fade a bit, though.
To finding treasures, internet back on and smiles x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, great photos and loving the new hairstyle. Your kitty knows all the best places. Wishing you a very happy weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

Annie said...

I'm even later than you getting around this week but I'm here at last and you certainly did make me smile. I love your new hair really suits you and don't we feel better with a new trim? Well done you with the boxes you've emptied...esp when you find treasures like that's gorgeous.
Annie x

Sandra H said...

So lovely is your post x