Saturday, 5 November 2022

Saturday Chat - September's Highlight

Afternoon Everyone,

In all the excitement anxiety of the house move I failed to record the most exciting event of the year. 

Our long anticipated great-grandson, Freddie, was born. As you can see, his parents, William & Heather were almost as delighted as his big brother Callum.
And the same can be said for his three cousins, Rhian, Brodie & Lacie. They were round just as soon as they could to meet him. Luckily, they live not too fat away so I'm sure he'll be seeing much more of them in future. 
And this was Freddie at just one week. Such a sweetheart and a much loved addition to the family. 

We're in November now so September seems so far away, and much warmer too. 

We have a weather warning for high winds today so my plan to walk down to the promenade (photos taken a few days ago) has been cancelled. I hope it's better wherever you are and that you are having a lovely weekend. 

Take care.


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cuilliesocks said...

Beautiful pages Elizabeth, and congratulations to all the family, beautiful phots too, Kate x