Wednesday 16 November 2022

WOYWW Week 702

Afternoon Everyone,

After a morning taken up with yet more unboxing and sorting through stuff, I thought I'd unwind by joining in with Julia, at the Stamping Ground,  and show what's on my desk today. 

Well, there it is. My desk. Covered in stuff. So not ready for scrapping yet but closer than the last time I was here. 

The sewing table is a lot less cluttered but no sewing machine to top it so nothing doing there either.

But fear not, fellow crafter's, the temporary workdesk is still serving me well. Here it is between projects. 

And these are the projects. Before the move, I had the foresight to put together page kits from stash. Over 140 of them. Each one is made up of cardstock, patterned paper, alpha's, embellishments and one or more photos, whatever seemed appropriate - all put away in a polythene baggy and stored in a numbered 'pizza' box saved especially for the job. 

I expected to get just one layout from each page kit but that has rarely been so. For example, from page kit #22 I got the following three.

The photos on all three are from different periods, years apart, and will be filed in different albums. I'm delighted. A little paper goes a long way! 

Update on the internet status: we're still not online though we were promised it would be up and running by 17th November!!! So communication is still patchy and I have discovered that I am unable to listen to an audiobook on my phone if the microwave is on. It's life, just not as we've known it. 

That's me for this week. I've given myself an hour or so to check as many of your posts as possible before making dinner. 

Take care everyone and have a wonderful week. 



Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well that was good planning filling the pizza boxes with kits, brilliant to have something coordinated ready to go! Hopefully it won’t be too long before your craft room is up and running!
Hugs LLJ 7 xx

Helen said...

how organised you were - great layouts as a result! I am sure you will get to your craft desk one day soon! I really hope your internet is connected soon, it has been a while! fancy having to choose between reading an audiobook or use the microwave!! take care and happy WOYWW Helen #1

Annie said...

I’m loving the organisation Ellie and the results so far. It’s so good to see a little of the inside of your new home. Really hope you’re settling in well.
Annie x

LesleyG said...

Wow, now that’s what I call organised! Great idea, and great layoutsxxx

Twiglet said...

A brilliant bit of planning to use those pizza boxes and your pages are lovely. Hope you can soon get sorted with all those boxes. x x Jo

Lindart said...

Wow, what great planning! Using the pizza boxes is a wonderful idea! You are slowly settling in, soon things will be normal again, or you will have gotten used to a "new normal"! Have a great week, hope the internet arrives as promised! Lindart #19

Godelieve said...

Good luck with the unboxing job! What a great idea to put kits together for future use!