Wednesday, 11 July 2018

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 475

Hello Everyone,

Well, it's Wednesday again and time to report to Julia, Head Desker Extraordinaire, at the Stamping Ground. Not that there's been too much going on here this week. It wasn't the nasty bug bite on my arm, see this post here, that's prevented me from crafting. No. It was the meds the doc prescribed ... one induced sleep, the other induced - no, I won't go into the gruesome details but, suffice to say, I feel grim!

However, it's not been all bad news - there's a new addition to my desk.
A new storage box, from Craftelier, which holds everything from 12x12 paper to tiny leftover scraps. It's a dull day here ... yeah, we've got rain! ... so I've had to put the lamp on to take a half decent photo. Most of the stuff in front of the new storage was there last week although I did manage to create a couple of cards with the misted offcuts seen on last week's desk shot. Here's a pic of the storage as it looks when empty.
Nice! In front of it you can just about see the new T-square ruler that I have suddenly found absolutely essential. I'm hoping it will help me place titles on layouts perfectly level instead of the higgledy piggledy way I usually manage. It will also enable to keep layers on the page straight too - well, that's the plan.
Thought I'd show you what's hanging at the side of my desk. That trim is ancient, the plastic envelope holds a set of alphabet alignment guides from Thickers which promises 'perfect alignment every time'. Hah! I've tried but still manage higgledy piggledy - not that I blame the guides ... the fault is entirely mine. The keyring holds paper design templates and beside that is the glue gun. All to hand when needed.

And that brings us to books I've listened to over the last week. Not many, actually.

This one, written by Kate Jacobs, appealed to me because I go to a craft club - it's not exclusively a knitting club but some of the ladies do knit - so was intrigued to know whether they have anything in common with the ladies of the Friday Night Knitting Club. I won't give any spoilers but it was an entertaining read. All that chat about the merits of luxury yarns got me reaching for my needles.

This was altogether a different read - non-fiction this time. The author Will Schwalbe's mother has cancer and is dying. She's an avid reader, as is he, so they start their own 'book club' with a membership of just the two of them. It's about the joy of reading and how good it is to share that joy with others. I found it an inspiring read.

This is the book I'm listening to as I write this post. It's typical John Grisham - a legal thriller. this one features a two partner law firm who take on a major pharmaceutical drug company. I'm finding it good listening - there's humour in the characters and the legal machinations they are involved in.

Okay, that's me done for this week. Hopefully my desk will have seen more action by next week.

In the meantime, take care and have a great week.


Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Elizabeth, sorry to hear that you have been in the wars. I do hope the effects of that medication have completely worn off. I enjoy John Grisham books, although I'm currently working my way through the Julian May Intervention series (8 in total); 5 down... Hope you have a better week. Sarah #14

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Elizabeth, just had a look at your bite pic, blimey that looks awful! I remember once getting bitten by a Devils Coachhorse- that was the most painful bite I ever had, and it swelled up something awful. Wonder if thats what bit you? Love your new storage, by the way. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz XxX

Caro said...

Sorry to hear that you have been in the wars - it sounds grim. Hope you are feeling a little better now. I love the new storage container. So useful. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#18)

J said...

Elizabeth, that bite must have been so painful, worrying too, I thought horse fly bites were bad!!!
Lovely storage unit, our eldest reads John Grisham, usually passes them to his dad and we have them all stored in my craft room!
Jan. #25

Annie said...

I love the new storage and can see just how useful it will be. Was hoping to hear better news about your bite today. Why do these things the Dr gives us to make us better often make us feel worse. Hope the magic works very soon.
Annie x

Lindart said...

Hi Elizabeth - ow! Your arm looks painful. but I hope it's not swelling outside the lines, and that you are feeling better soon. I love John Grisham, I got 2 new ones for Christmas and read them both before the end of January! Great use of space on the side of your shelf! Have a great week, heal quickly! Lindart #33

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh, I am sorry to hear you've been under the weather - the insect bite looks nasty. Typical that the meds have had such a terrible effect on you, hope that passes really quickly. That new storage is rather gorgeous, I bet it'll be really handy and you'll use it all the time!
And please can you send some of your rain down our poor garden is looking very sad.
Hugs LLJ 9 xxx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh gosh Elizabeth, these critters have a lot to answer for. I had cellulitis around my eye last year and it was horrid, I know just how the two sets of drugs are working for you. Poor thing, I hope it’s improving daily. . We still have sun and dry dry dry, so was surprised to read that it was dull enough to need a light. I like the craft storage very much..would be a great way to organise hoots and papers that inspire you before you can actually do something. That 30 Day challenge I took part in over at Inspired by Memories on Facebook caused me to need to file 34 LOs for June. More than an annual record for me. Not that I’ll be repeating it in a hurry, it was hard!! Loved this Monday’s ina Vase too, my word your garden must be beautiful.

Helen said...

that sounds really nasty...hope you feel much better, very soon! I was shocked when I got in from work and heard the Federer result. Helen #1

Heather M said...

Hi Elizabeth, ouch for the insect bite, and the side effects of the meds! The storage box looks very handy, but I have to stop buying things... it's becoming a bad habit! Or maybe a good habit! Have a lovely week Heather x #12

glitterandglue said...

Hi Elizabeth. OUCH!!! That bite looks really horrid, bless you - I do hope it doesn't spread - believe me, you don't want cellulitis.
Love that storage box - useful, but also adorning!
The books look good - have read the Friday night knitting club - but not the others, although I have been a fan of Grisham for some years.
Take care. god bless.
Margaret #7

Dorlene Durham said...

What a great organizer! I jot down the three books you mentioned since I'm knee deep into my Summer Reading Marathon. I love book recommendations. The End of Your Life Book Club sounds like a tear jerker and must read. Thanks. Dorlene #34

Twiglet said...

Wow that bite is a shocker! Both G and Max have had really nasty bites - some horrid little bug*****s out there. Hope it gets better soon. xx Jo

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Oooh, nasty! Hope you're feeling better soon. Love the new storage. Happy belated woyww and wishing you a fun and crafty week, Angela x13x

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

My gosh Elizabeth, what a bite! The warm weather can be so welcoming in this country but not the little beasties it brings out. Hope you are feeling better now??
Love that storage, I have storage envy of anyone that has the room to display storage. Have fun using it, it will make finding those bits and bobs so much easier.
Take Care & Thanks for sharing WOYWW Tracey #2

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I apologize for visiting so late. My slow internet that my provider can’t seem to help me with, along with a visit from three young people has culminated with a cough, chills, sweats, and sore throat that my friends believe is the flu. This may seem like a cop-out, but I believe in visiting everyone, or I shouldn’t be playing. I appreciate you understanding.

Of course, none of this is as bad at that bite and the aftereffects you suffered. That is horrible.

I wanted to thank you for the comment on my Trump journal page. Just think. You and your news media and police security force only had to put up with him less than two days. We have him daily! Happy very belated WOYWW from # 4. Get to feeling better soon.