Tuesday, 21 July 2015

In A Vase On Monday - Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May

Hello Everyone,

We have had the most dismal weather these last few days, rain, rain and yet more rain. In fact, just as I ventured out into the garden to cut some flowers for today's vase so that I could join in with Cathy's meme, the heavens opened, again! Then, as it was our wedding anniversary, my day got so busy I didn't have time to do much more than take a few photos before dashing out the door.
Because it was such an auspicious occasion the first rose that was a must today was The Anniversary Rose - it's the one in the bud vase. It's one of the three new roses planted in the bed we created recently to celebrate the occasion.
The Anniversary Rose

There is only one bloom at the moment and it's looking a bit bedraggled but still beautiful for all that.

Here's a few close ups of the roses in the bowl.

Arthur Bell

Carefree Days





A bud from Rock and Roll

Happy Retirement with Felicia and Elina

Elina, again, with an inherited peachy/coral coloured rose with no name.

The bowl of roses seen from above - so beautiful.

Despite the dismal weather it is proving to be a very good year for roses.

Happy Gardening,


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Elizabeth, I hope you had a lovely day. Beautiful roses, there are hardly any roses here now because of the heat so it is lovely to be able to enjoy yours.

Stasher said...

Happy Anniversay, so many lovely roses, memories are made of these. Very clever these people who think up the names. I am waiting for the second flush.

Anonymous said...

Yes, happy Anniversary - a good reason for a delayed vase of course! Was it a 'big' one? The 'Anniversary' rose appears to be an intriguing shade of pink and has a lovely shape and you have lots of other pretty ones in your bowl - like Christina most of my roses are past their best but there are still a number of blooms around, particularly the smaller ones like Blush Noisette and the Fairy. We are having a very dry summer here in the Midlands, but not so with you, it seems!

Donna said...

Elizabeth these are stunning roses that seem to love your weather...beautiful colors! Happy Anniversary!

Jacee said...

So beautiful, I do love rose's, happy anniversary too.
hugs Jacee
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Bobbie Lynn said...

Beautiful Elizabeth. wow, what a gorgeous variety of roses. Thank you for sharing. : )
Have a lovely day.

Carole Pollard said...

Stunning flowers today the colours are so lovely love and hugs Carole x

Hettie said...

Gorgeous roses Elizabeth. The Anniversary Rose is a stunner.
Happy Anniversary.