Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WOYWW - Week 128 ... yesterday's detritus and today's project

Good WOYWW day folks,

Another Wednesday has rolled around quicker than it ought so it's time to reveal all, that is, on my workdesk, to the world and Julia at Stamping Ground. If you've never joined in before, don't know what is involved, just click the WOYWW link on my sidebar and you will be transported to Julia's blog. There you will find all the blinky thingies that will enable you to view other desks in a similar state to mine ... go on, live vicariously - you'll enjoy it if you do :)

Now, where was I? Oh yes, my desk ... and yes again, yesterday's stuff is still there alongside some of the materials for the next card I plan to make at some point today! I just haven't got round to clearing away the design paper folder, the pack of cardstock and the glue gun from last night - I was just too tired. I spent two hours at the gym pumping iron ... well, not quite, more like treading the treadmill, etc., ... don't ask me today if it is doing me any good, I'm too stiff, sore and exhausted to appreciate it :)

So, apart from the usual items that live permanently on my desk, there's a digital stamp already coloured in for a topper, a template I'll be using to shape the topper, a couple of sheets of blue cardstock for the card and a fir branch stamp taken from the stamp set that I have vague plans to use on said card. Now I just have to tidy stuff away and I'm ready for action!

Before I pour myself a cuppa and settle down to blog hopping around your workdesk I'd like to tell you all about my celebration giveaway  ... I'm celebrating reaching 100 followers - well, actually 106 at the last count - either click on the photo on my right sidebar or click this link here. To celebrate, I asked Hayley of   Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn to put together a gorgeous customised kit which includes, MME papers, matching card, ribbons & trims, flowers, buttons and all colour coordinated, plus two stamp sets.  The draw is scheduled for 30th November - the day after my birthday, another reason to celebrate :)

Okay, that's me for another week - I'm off to check out your workdesks and see what you are all up to today. Hope you are all in the pink, and those who are not, hope you're feeling better soon.

Have a great WOYWW day and a fabulous week ahead.


  1. You'll need a big cuppa to get round all the desks today...but you should have more puff these days with all that fitness. The tidying up can wait enjoy the art of card-making at leisure... Thanks for sharing today, Sarah at 2.

  2. Congratulations on all your followers. I think I might have to become one as well 107 coming up.

  3. Congrats on breaking the 100 followers mark! With all the Christmas prep going on, I'm afraid exercise has fallen by the wayside this week, shame on me! Thanks for the peek. Sue #83

  4. Congratulations hunni on all those followers.Hope you didnt over to it at the gym.the thought of going to the gym exhaustes
    Have fun filled creative week .Happy Woyww
    hugs judex 6

  5. Firstly, I love that stamp of the dad and child carrying Christmas evergreens, that's so sweet :) Reminds me of DH and G3 when he was little...
    Secondly, way to go you, two hours at the gym - that MUST be doing you good. You're putting me to shame!! We do try and walk every day but not quite that long. Hope it's helping!!
    Lastly. many congrats on reaching 100+ followers, that's a mighty impressive achievement. Hope you get lots entering your giveaway - I won't as I don't do papercrafting so it's not fair. But I still love reading your blog every week :)
    Hugs, LLJ #45 xx

  6. Well done with all that work at the gym. I seriously need to get out more with the dogs on a few brisk walks. Good for me and for them. I agree with Lunch Lady Jan, that is a lovely stamp. Thank you for your visit earlier. I really feel that Christmas is about tradition, and family. Our Christmas tree has never been colour co-ordinated, it has always been a mix of very old ornaments and one or two new ones each year, all colours and shapes.

  7. Sorry about the sugar, but I do cut the cake into very small slices :) xx

  8. Is this a BIG birthday ...dare I ask?
    I so admire you for doing all this Gym stuff ...just thinking about it makes me ache and brings back the horrific memories of the keep fit thingy my Doc sent me to, just before I moved up here. It was gentle but the next day my knees were so swollen that I couldn't walk for nearly the whole week.
    Now I have just had a catch up and have to say that the Tartan Ponsettia (probably spelt it wrongly)...Is gorgeous ...stunning ... and deserves to be framed. xx

  9. Sorry, Elizabeth... but I do serve the cake in very small slices!! I could put less sugar on the top but it wouldn't be so crunchy then :)
    Hugs, LLJ xx
    PS Love your tartan flowers from the previous blog!

  10. Well done on all the followers, gosh all that gym works sounds hard work!!!! Happy woyww trace x

  11. Congratulations on reaching over 100 followers and going to the gym (!) All my exercise involves running around after my 2 little ones!

  12. Well Elizabeth, your desk still manages to be tidy even with all the bits and pieces on it. I always do my best to keep mine tidy, promise myself once its neat that I will never untidy it again (apparently this has been my mantra since I was a wee one....according to my wee mamma!!) but alas, Im a messer and it manages to get untidy without me even being in the room! Must be the crafting pixies, lol. Lee xx

  13. Looks like you have all the fixins and ready to finish. Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hope you are having a great WOYWW,
    xoxo Marjo #109

  14. Eeek, all that exercise sounds tiring and painful - but good for you Elizabeth! Lovely image on your desk - looking forward to seeing the end result! Belated Happy WOYWW :) Di xx

  15. ah, Elizabeth, what a lovely table of goodies usual do love your week chook cupboard. You are having fun and so organised as always - I am glad you had a link for your other post as tried to find when I was here earlier and for some reason was totally dyslexic. thanks for lovely comment on my blog and happy WOYWW! Shaz in oz.x

  16. I know what you mean about feeling too tired - but not after pumping iron. I am tired today from having got up twice at some unearthly hour for the plumber to come and work in the bathroom - still waiting for him at 2.30 pm on day two.
    However, you have inspired me to seriously think about WW's - you and the girl from the Biomechanics that is. Hugs Neet #9

  17. Very organised. Don't play too hard on the treadmill and save the energy for crafting:-)))
    Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by. My photos are on my blog now as my SD card is talking to the computer again.

  18. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your sweet WOYWW comment! Even though there was mostly crafts and not filth on my desk, I still cleaned it up yesterday. It was driving me nuts! And not because I'm a clean freak...I just have a new craftroom and I love looking at it all pretty and clean!

    That's too bad you guys don't have Black Friday in Scotland. It's the biggest shopping day of the year in the US and all the stores open SUPER early (4 - 6 am, or they just stay open all night) and have crazy good sales. You have to be a little insane to go out in all the mess and traffic, but it's kind of fun and it's become a tradition for me and my daughter! Do you guys have some other crazy shopping day like that?

    I've been reading a series of fiction books that take place in Scotland in the 1700's and 1900's (the characters time travel) and although I don't know how historically correct everything is, I've become enamored with Scotland!! I want to visit one day!

    Your desk looks like you're having LOTS of crafty fun! I can't wait to see your finished cards! I'm a new follower, so I'll check back!

    Amy E. #3

  19. Is your kettle still on? Friday and I'm working my way through the list! Bet you've finished and cleaned up two or three times by you use the glue gun all the time?

  20. Congrats on your milestone followers! What a great image Elizabeth so adorable and brings back lots of memories! I love your glue gun it's such a neat awesome! I love my treadmill but I went outside in the cold the other day for an hour long walk, it was fantastic! Keep it up!
    Sorry for being late this week, thanks for the peek!

  21. You make me feel tired talking about pumping iron, Elizabeth, you are so good and healthy.
    I spy some of Sheena's stamps on your desk. I've been busy making more samples for her today, she keeps us busy!!!
    Yes, I do nibble at the sugarpaste which is probably why I should be going to the gym too!!!
    A Happy Belated WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax

  22. For being # 1 this week, I'm awfully late visiting. I'm so sorry but, after a computer crash, I had to stop by and get a bit of inspiration from your "vague plans." Just what I need (grin).


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