Friday, 4 September 2015

Friday Smile

Happy Friday Folks,
Today is the day we join in with Annie at a Stitch In Time and share something of what made us smile this week. As usual, I've had plenty to make me smile, too much to include here so I have picked out this photo of my so cute great niece Arihanna with her pet chihuahua puppy, Binkie.
Not the most terrifying dragon you've ever seen :)

Sorry, no joke from the Highlands of Scotland this week but I thought that you all might appreciate this.

If you don't quilt just substitute 'crafter' for 'quilter'.

Have a great weekend.


Twiglet said...

Ha ha - yes I recognise so many of those!! Lovely little dragon - great outfit! x Jo

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Elizabeth happy Friday. Such a cute little dragon and puppy too. But I so can relate to those codes....sad - I think I fall into the paper, fabric and wool categories. Enjoy your weekend cheers Robyn

Annie said...

Hehehe I love it.....I have lots of NESTYs, far too many PIGs, and enough STABLEs for several lives :-).....If only I could find it all!!
Thanks for sharing.
Annie x

Annie said...

Oh and that is the cutest little dragon I've ever seen :-)
Annie x

Laura said...

Oh boy do I have a lot of PHD's!! :)
Happy Friday

Barb said...

What a lovely photo of Arihanna the dragon and her little friend. I'm glad that you have had a happy week Elizabeth and hope the next is a good one too. I'm a crafter not a quilter and yes - they all apply. Barbxx

Gill Edwards said...

Ha ha ha! i'm not a quilter but i love that code sheet. I think NESTY and STABLE could apply to my passion for books and having so many.
Gill x

Lisca said...

Oh I love that quilter's code! It could apply to different crafts too. I love the one that says: What the heck was I thinking!
Have a smily Friday,

Carole Pollard said...

Great photo and that Crafters code certainly hit the spot Hugs Carole x

Sue Jones said...

Such a cute dragon . And yes unfortunately it does work for any craft :/
Have a fab week. Soojay x

JoZart Designs said...

My name is Jo and i am a quilaholic! Need i say more than it all applies to me,
Love the cuty dragon
Jo x

Anne said...

Very cute dragon. That code would def apply to me. :-) x

mamapez5 said...

A very benign dragon with a cheeky grin. Lovely! The 'Crafter's Code' fits me perfectly, espicially STABLE!! Kate x