Friday, 5 July 2013

Crazy Quilt Christmas Cushion Update

Morning Everyone,

... and happy Friday to you too. Now I've been a bit remiss recently and failed to welcome new followers, so hello to Cathy, Rasz, Lucy, Ria and Shona - apologies to anyone I've missed, you are all welcome too. I hope you will continue to pop in whenever you can to see what I'm up to and enjoy my bletherings :)

It's a lovely sunny morning here on the south west coast of Scotland. Dare I say summer has arrived :) And because of that this is just a quick share for you today.

Some of you may remember seeing this piece of crazy quilting in an earlier post ... if not it can be seen here. I'd just taken delivery of my new sewing machine and I was familiarising myself with all the lovely embroidery stitches it had and, at the same time, relearning how to sew. Somebody commented that it was like riding a bike, once learnt never forgotten. Well, I wouldn't know about that as I've never learnt to ride a bike ... I like to say I was a disadvantaged child as I never owned a bike but then, just after the war, how many kids did :)) Anyway, I digress, back to the crazy quilting. Yesterday, I went shopping for some red fabric for the backing and so was able to finish the cushion at last. As it is quite likely to see many Christmases but won't, in fact, get too much wear, I've filled it with a feather pad (one liberated from an old cushion cover).

The project I'm working on today is a little dress for my great-niece, Arihanna, using a piece of that lovely fabric I brought back from my jollies in the Highlands. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying rediscovering/relearning the skills needed for sewing. I even popped into our local library, not been there for an age, and borrowed several books on sewing, patchwork and quilting and, ignoring the fact that don't have half the equipment deemed essential, they have whetted my appetite for sewing. All I need now is several more hours in every day!!!

Right, time to get on, or is that off. Whatever, got to go, tons to do!

Take care and happy crafting,


  1. I can't ride a bike either but I can sew :-)
    Love the cushion cover and will be looking forward to a show and tell of the finished dress too :-)
    A x

  2. Love these gorgeous fabrics Elizabeth, looks like a beautiful feature cushion :) Cathy x

  3. What a lovely cushion, so perfect for Christmas :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. Your cushion is so cool, I love it! I am looking forward to seeing the dress you make too xx

  5. Sounds like you had lots of fun making this Elizabeth and as for the bike it's never to late to learn!! l have a bike but its just standing take care x


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