Monday, 1 July 2013

It's July 1st ...

... and the world as we know didn't come to an end after all!

I feel very much as I did when we were all panicked into believing there was going to be a global technological disaster on 1st January 2000 due to the millennium bug! Yesterday, I believed that I'd lose all my lovely followers and, furthermore, if I wanted to continue to follow all the talented folk I've been following up to now, I'd have to register with Bloglovin'. So I did.

So why was it that when I woke up this morning as usual, logged on as usual, there you all were, again as usual? I feel I've been had by someone a lot more technically in the know than I am! I should be spitting nails! But my garden is looking beautiful and the foxgloves are glorious - what more could a woman want :)

Ah yes, and Andy Murray has got through to the quarter finals at Wimbledon - my cup runneth over!

Hope you have all had an equally super day.

Off to do a bit of serious crafting now.


  1. We were just saying exactly the same Elizabeth. Have a feeling it was all a lot about nothing but I guess we will see.
    A x

  2. Totally agree Elizabeth. I'm elated too that Andy got through to the quarter finals. Hugs Rita xx

  3. I was expecting to lose all my Google followers too. Lets see what happens tomorrow! Your garden looks gorgeous xx

  4. Well its nice to know we haven't lost any of our followers l must admit l too was a little concerned, your Foxgloves look lovely nice and colourful is your garden too xx

  5. I was going to say exactly the same!!! Am wondering if have just been lulled into false sense of security and whatever was supposed to happen will soon!!!! Anne x

  6. Hi Elizabeth, Hopefully Blogger got a scare and won't delete reader tonight...LOL What glorious pictures of your flowers. So hot here, everything is just trying to survive......including me LOL

  7. I have not heard anything about losing my followers. If I get scares like that, I would talk to Shaz Silverwolf, whose husband is a brilliant techie man, and would sort her out anyway, so she would know. Thanks for your comment about my bees. Sadly, our local council will only deal with rats, unless I was in receipt of all benefits known to man and beast. Beekeepers do not want to know about bumble bees. The National Bee Unit cannot help and say they are not even a protected species, which seems odd when we hear how endangered bees are. So I have finally and very reluctantly had to call in a private pest company to get rid of the poor bees. xxx

  8. There is something really lovely about those foxgloves - takes you back to childhood I think. Fingers crossed for Andy. x Jo


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