Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Toddler's Strawberry Sundress

Good Morning Everyone,

And welcome to Caroline and Sue, my newest followers/enablers ... it's good to have you join me. I hope you will pop back occasionally and maybe even leave a comment if you have time ... I know you are all busy :) Indeed, I was absent yesterday ... almost all day! I popped out to visit my daughter who has twisted her ankle ... you should see her foot now, all the colours of the rainbow! All her plans to go biking with her two youngest most days during the holidays, scuppered :(

This is just a quick share today because I have a ton to do ... four birthdays coming up in August, starting with the 3rd. Anyway, here's the little sundress I made for my great-granddaughter, Rhian, from the strawberry patterned fabric that you might have spotted on my desk a few WOYWWs ago. 
These are simple to make ... two rectangles of fabric, hemmed and shirred at the top, hemmed at the bottom, and narrow straps added at the end. Now that all sounds easy-peasy, does it not? And it is if you wind enough shirring elastic before you begin ... because I had made another dress for my great-niece a few weeks earlier, I just popped the bobbin with the leftover elastic into the machine and went ahead with the shirring. I'm sure you are way ahead of me, it ran out in the middle of a row! Not a disaster exactly, just a time waster - I'll check next time :)  (The polka dotted fabric in the background? ... fat quarters for another patchwork cushion cover in the planning stages.)
What else slowed me down? Well, because the dress is for a little one, the side seams are of the French variety and take a bit longer to sew, but they are just kinder to delicate skins so I think they are essential. Also, I decided to try the invisible hemming method on this little dress. I practiced on scrap fabric and, believe me, it takes a bit of practice. But I managed it in the end and was dead chuffed with the result ... another skill learnt :)))) 

Okay, I said I was going to be quick so that's me done. 

Hope you are all well and enjoying this glorious, if unpredictable, summer ... I know, it's winter on the other side of the world so hope it's not too cold where you are. 

Take care and happy crafting,


  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I just had to join your blog as it is wonderful, I wish mine was half as good. I lack confidence so any tips would be gratefully received. Love Caroline x

  2. love this little dress, so pretty with the strawberries

  3. What a pretty little dress, I'll bet Rhiann loves it :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. Another string to your bow Elizabeth this dress is beautiful and the fabric (Strawberries) is so cute for a little one .....well done xx

  5. Love this little dress Elizabeth....The fabric is so pretty...You are so talented... The little one will look Gorgeous wearing it!!! I hope your Daughter is doing ok... It's so painful twisting your ankle it sounds like a bad one too... Hugs May x x x

  6. Aww! Such a pretty dress Elizabeth. I am sure your G Granddaughter will love it after all your effort!
    I feel for your daughter though! Ouch!

  7. Oh this is gorgeous Elizabeth she will love it huggles Sue x

  8. So pretty! You are doing such a good job with that new machine!

  9. Oh that dress looks fab and I bet your little granddaughter will look terrific in it xxx


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