Friday, 30 September 2011

A Day Trip to Annan

Afternoon Everyone,

It's a lovely afternoon here in Ayr, warm, sunny with a gentle breeze, perfect. Quite a contrast to the day we took a trip to Annan recently ... the morning was cool and rainy, though it did clear up later, and we all brightened up too.  I thought you might like a wee armchair trip round the town.

Bridge - view from Annan
This trip took us through the Dumfries and Galloway area in the south-west corner of Scotland. It is reputed to be the Scotland's hidden jewel because visitors tend to bypass it on their way to Glasgow and the Highlands. There's no big city, only a few small towns, to encourage people in, and it's only those in the know who come to enjoy the beautiful scenery and interesting wild life. Annan is one of these small towns, situated on the Solway coast, designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty since 1964.

Bridge - view approaching Annan
The bridge over the Annan was designed by Sir John Rennie and built by the famous engineer, Robert Stevenson, grandfather of the writer, Robert Louis Stevenson. It is made of the local red sandstone, as are many of the buildings in the town.

Town Hall
The Victorian town hall is one such building. Built in 1878, it is Gothic in style. The ropework carved above the main doorway is a reminder of Annan's former success as a port.

Here's the ornate street lamp that is situated just outside the Town Hall - so much nicer to look at than the modern ones we see everywhere now.

The War Memorial is like many others in the area - I'm not sure but I think this may be a soldier from the Kings Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB) - once the local regiment. Carved on the plinth, at this time, are the names of those lost in WWI but there are, I believe, plans to add WWII names some time soon.

There's a picturesque harbour - Annan was once a very busy port with trade and shipbuilding creating wealth for the merchants of the area. Now many of the old warehouses have gone but the harbour quay has been partially restored.

This is the imposing Annan Old Church steeple.

You can't go very far in the south of Scotland before coming to some reference to our Bard, Robert Burns - he got around a bit as excise man for the area. This cairn, raised in his memory, is in a most beautiful spot overlooking the Solway Firth - quite fitting, I think, for a man who loved nature.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos which are a lovely reminder of an enjoyable trip taken with the family last week. And, hopefully, it might inspire some of you to visit Annan and the Dumfries and Galloway district because there is an awful lot of tourist attractions to see there and beautiful scenery to enjoy. And no, I'm not in the pay of the Scottish Tourist Board :)

And just because I love this shot, here's my granddaughter in that hat again.

Before I go I'd like to welcome my newest follower, Doreen - many thanks for taking an interest in my wee blog.

I hope you all, wherever you are, have a great weekend doing what you want to do.

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Di said...

Fantastic photos Elizabeth - a beautiful part of the British Isles indeed. Hugs, Di xx

Jackie said...

Beautiful photographs, looks like a lovely place :o)
Jackie xx