Thursday 8 June 2023

Periwinkle Growing Wild

Hello Everyone

Its me again with another brief post. 

I just wanted to show you this bank of periwinkles spotted yesterday just by the bridge I have to cross on my way to the nearest corner shop.

It's growing wild on an embankment on what is our local community nature reserve. I suspect that we have to thank local gardeners for tipping their garden waste for this pretty sight. 

Yes, I live just a few yards from a nature reserve! How lucky is that? 

It was established some years ago by the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) in the old Caledonian Railway cutting at Ardrossan. No longer run by SWT it has become quite neglected and the old line is too overgrown to be accessible to walkers. Fortunately, that doesn't stop me enjoying the view from the bridge. 


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cuilliesocks said...

Hello Elizabeth, it's such a lovely delicate flower and I just love the colour, Kate x