Saturday, 14 May 2022

Scrapbook Layouts 2022 - No's.10-12

Hello Everyone,

Many thanks for checking out my posts. Any comments left are much appreciated. I hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend.

I'm still none too well - what the old advertisement for Aspro referred to as 'one degree under' - so it's another post from my sickbed. And that gives me the perfect opportunity to share a few more layouts made earlier this year. Might as well try to catch up. 

10 Urban Birds

It's not everywhere you will spot a swan walking along the pavement and crossing the bridge over the river! Both the gulls on our rooftops and the swan on the bridge are essentially waterbirds and yet here they are adapting to changes to their environment and becoming urbanised, even if not always welcome.

11 January Week 2

This layout is another faux project life one. Week two seems so very long ago now. 

12 Our Family History

This is the title page for the family history album. I did start this a few years ago using the Project Life journal cards and pocket style inserts, but I didn't enjoy that method of scrapping. As a result I've neglected this project. I'm a 12x12 page scrapper at heart. I'm grateful to Emma from Mind The Scrap for showing me an alternative way that's more my style. There's hope for this album yet!

That's all the layouts for today. I think three pages are quite enough. All the materials used were from my not inconsiderable stash - some new, most old. Any questions about this or anything at all to do with the layouts, I'll be happy to answer. 

Silver is here, on my bed, comforting me. It's amazing how our pets sense when we need a little extra attention. Of course, it could be that she enjoys the extra attention too. 

Take care and enjoy the weekend.


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