Friday, 13 May 2022

Friday Smiles

Hello Everyone,

It's been some time since I joined in with Annie's smiles post on Fridays. However, the long winter, which didn't bring much to make me smile, is over and spring is here bringing sunshine, well not today, and flowers. So I've looked through the photo album and thought I'd share my favourites from the last few weeks. 

A neighbour shared this long shot of Ayr's Flowerpot Lane. It's maintained by the residents and has become quite an attraction for locals and visitors to the town. 

There's a lot more colour in my own garden. Here's a few pics. 

Clematis Montana Alba

The clematis has grown over and through the dividing fence to flower much more prolifically on our neighbour's side. 
And it looks lovely with the Spanish Bluebells blooming below. 

It's also apple blossom time. 

Canary Bird Rosa is always the first rose to bloom in our garden and a very welcome sight it is too.
The cherry trees were magnificent this year. 
The petals have fallen now - it's like someone has strewn confetti on the garden path. 

As you can see it's all about the garden here. We're having a few changes made to the garden at the moment. Nothing major. Just a few raised beds and a paved patio to make it easier for me to care for and safer for Alan to get around. 

Of course the photo album would not be complete without a pic or two of this little one.

Silver loves the garden, especially if I'm out in it too. I think she would stay out all day as long as I was there to keep her company. 

And finally, these are not so much funny as they simply struck a chord when I spotted them online. 

And that is it for today. I should say this post was written from my bed. I have a nasty throat infection, temperature, etc., etc., making me tired from all the coughing. Of course, it won't last forever and I'm sure I'll be 'up and atom' in the next day or two. 

In the meantime, I hope you are all well and finding much to smile about. 

Take care.



Lisca said...

What a bummer you are feeling rough and are in bed. I do hope you will soon feel better.
Oh what a delight to see you garden with everything flowering! I love the blossom. Our apple trees have flowered too. (a bit earlier because of the warm climate)
When we lived in the UK I had many different clematis. And of course the Montana was the first to flower. Like yours, it did better on the other side of the fence. (I think it depends on where the sun is).
I love the idea of Flower Pot Lane. It looks really lovely. It would otherwise be an empty wall.
Your little Silver is gorgeous,
Have a great weekend,

Annie said...

Really hope you’re feeling much better very soon. Your garden is looking lovely...I love Spring too.
Annie x

cuilliesocks said...

A lovely post today Elizabeth, Flower Pot Lane is just lovely and a marvellous idea to attract people to the area.
Your plants are beautiful, and Silver as always is a joy to see, thanks for sharing, Kate x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth, I love the 'Flower Pot Lane' it's so nice when the residents work together to make the place look loved. The garden's looking good, everything is waking up. We have lots of fruit appearing on our trees but not sure how many will get eaten by the pigeons and squirrels before they have chance to start growing. I have place some bags on lots of the cherries as I would like to keep a few of them this year. We started with lots of pairs and something managed to eat every single one. I don't mind sharing them but that is just so unfair. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

My comment failed to publish TWICE before. I'm trying again. Different day, different outlook. Sorry to read you ave a throat infection. I hpe by now, it has cleared and you are feeling better.

I absolutely ADORE Flowerpot Lane. It is amazing, especially with the added plants on the wall.

Nice that you now have some raised beds. That may be in my future if I ever get rid of the dreaded bamboo.

I have never seen a bluebell, except in photos. You are truly blessed. And those apple blossoms are gorgeous. It's been forever since I've seen some.

I swear, silver looks a LOT like Squiggles. Similar markings and all.

You made a comment about coriander/cilantro. Here in the states, coriander is the seed. It can be ground to add to various foods, mostly curries. Cilantro, on the other hand, is the leafy plant that not only grows from the coriander seed, but also produces coriander seeds as it matures.

Sorry to be so late visiting. Now if this will PLEASE publish.