Sunday, 29 May 2022

My Garden Now - Aquilegia

Happy Sunday Everyone,

I thought, because it's such a beautiful day, I would share some of the many aquilegia that have self-seeded around my garden. 

Aquilegias are notoriously promiscuous and happily cross-pollinate whenever possible then self-seed wherever the wind takes them. I now have a stunning white flowering one down in the woodland area that I'm not responsible for. It is, nevertheless, very welcome. 

Looking at these two photos, it's just possible I'm well on my way to being the keeper of the country's largest collection of aquilegia! 

Seriously, I think the time has come to get out there and sort out some of the wildness before the weeds takeover completely. Maybe later! 

Have a fabulous day wherever you are. 

Bye for now,


Sandra H said...

Oh how lovely and colourful your garden is it must smell beautiful with all the different fragrances x

cuilliesocks said...

Absolutely gorgeous Elizabeth, they are such beautiful flowers, your garden looks wonderful, Kate x

Annie said...

Your garden is looking so lovely now Ellie. It’s so lovely when nature does some planting for you.
Annie x